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pronunciation: gachou
kanji characters:
other spells: ガチョウ
keyword: bird
translation: goose, gander
check also:


pronunciation: gagaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: japan , music
translation: gagaku (a Japanese classical music)


pronunciation: gaibu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: position
translation: outside (n.), external (n.), outward (n.)
外部の: gaibuno: outside (a.), external (a.), outward (a.)
外部で: gaibude: outside (adv.), externally
外部の人: gaibunohito: outsider <<<
外部に漏らす: gaibunimorasu: leak out, reveal <<<
外部監査: gaibukansa: external audit <<< 監査
外部犯行: gaibuhankou: crime committed by an outsider <<< 犯行
check also: 内部


pronunciation: gaichuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: insect
translation: noxious [harmful] insect, vermin
害虫駆除: gaichuukujo: pest control


pronunciation: gaiden
kanji characters: ,
keyword: book
translation: supplement, addendum, followup, anecdote


pronunciation: gaijin
kanji characters: ,
keyword: geography , society
translation: foreigner
外人嫌い: gaijingirai: xenophobia, xenophobic <<<
外人贔屓: gaijinbiiki: xenophilia, xenophilic
外人部隊: gaijinbutai: foreign legion <<< 部隊
外人部隊兵: gaijinbutaihei: legionnaire <<<
外人墓地: gaijinbochi: foreigners' graveyard <<< 墓地
外人教師: gaijinkyoushi: foreign teacher <<< 教師
check also: 邦人


pronunciation: gaika
kanji characters: ,
keyword: finance , economy
translation: foreign currency, exchange
外貨建て: gaikadate: transaction [payment] with [in] foreign currency, foreign exchange transaction <<<
外貨を獲得する: gaikaokakutokusuru: obtain foreign currency <<< 獲得
外貨獲得: gaikakakutoku: acquisition of foreign currency
外貨予算: gaikayosan: foreign exchange budget <<< 予算
外貨手形: gaikategata: foreign currency bill <<< 手形
外貨換算: gaikakansan: foreign currency translation
外貨貯金: gaikachokin: foreign currency deposit <<< 貯金
外貨準備高: gaikajunbidaka: foreign exchange reserves
外貨保有高: gaikahoyuudaka: foreign currency holdings
check also: 為替


pronunciation: gaikan
kanji characters: ,
translation: external [outward] appearance, outside view, look
外観を飾る: gaikannokazaru: show off, put on a show <<<
外観を信じる: gaikannoshinjiru: trust appearances <<<
外観が良い: gaikangaii: be fine-looking [good-looking, nice-looking] <<<
外観を損なう: gaikannosokonau: deface <<<
外観を変える: gaikannokaeru: transfigure <<<
外観上: gaikanjou: in appearance, apparently <<<
check also: 様子 , 体裁 , 外見


pronunciation: gaiken
kanji characters: ,
translation: external [outward] appearance, outside view, look
外見を飾る: gaikennokazaru: show off, put on a show <<<
外見を繕う: gaikennotsukurou <<<
外見上: gaikenjou: in appearance, apparently <<<
check also: 外観


pronunciation: gaikoku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: geography , travel
translation: foreign country, overseas
外国の: gaikokuno: foreign
外国に行く: gaikokuniiku: go abroad <<<
外国から帰る: gaikokukarakaeru: return from abroad <<<
外国で暮らす: gaikokudekurasu: live abroad, live in a foreign country <<<
外国向け: gaikokumuke: going [bound for] abroad, for foreign countries <<<
外国人: gaikokujin: foreigner <<< , 外人
外国語: gaikokugo: foreign language <<<
外国船: gaikokusen: foreign ship, foreign bottoms <<<
外国品: gaikokuhin: foreign goods <<<
外国製: gaikokusei: foreign made, of foreign make <<<
外国産: gaikokusan: foreign-produced, of foreign growth <<<
外国為替: gaikokukawase: foreign exchange <<< 為替 , 外為
外国市場: gaikokushijou: foreign market <<< 市場
外国航路: gaikokukouro: foreign route <<< 航路
外国貿易: gaikokuboueki: foreign trade <<< 貿易
check also: 異国 , 海外

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