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pronunciation: genba
kanji characters: ,
keyword: job
translation: actual spot, scene
現場で: genbade: in situ, on location, on the premises, on the spot
現場渡し: genbawatashi: spot delivery <<<
現場監督: genbakantoku: field overseer <<< 監督
現場検証: genbakenshou: on-the-spot inspection <<< 検証
現場報告: genbahoukoku: field report <<< 報告
建設現場: kensetsugenba: construction site <<< 建設
殺害現場: satsugaigenba: spot of murder <<< 殺害
犯行現場: hankougenba: crime scene <<< 犯行
工事現場: koujigenba: construction site <<< 工事
事故現場: jikogenba: place of accident <<< 事故


pronunciation: genbaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: war
translation: atomic bomb
原爆病: genbakubyou: atomic radioactive disease <<<
原爆戦: genbakusen: atomic war <<<
原爆戦争: genbakusensou <<< 戦争
原爆実験: genbakujikken: atomic test, A-bomb experiment <<< 実験
原爆基地: genbakukichi: atomic base <<< 基地


pronunciation: genbu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: legend
translation: Black Tortoise (a Chinese legendary animal)
玄武岩: genbugan: basalt <<<
玄武岩の: genbugannno: basaltic


pronunciation: genbun
kanji characters: ,
keyword: book
translation: original text
原文の儘: genbunnnomama: sic (adv.) <<<
原文通りに: genbundourini: literally <<<


pronunciation: genbutsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: business , finance
translation: actual thing, goods, spots
現物で払う: genbutsudeharau: pay in kind <<<
現物給与: genbutsukyuuyo: allowance in kind <<< 給与
現物賠償: genbutsubaishou: reparations in kind <<< 賠償
現物交換: genbutsukoukan: barter <<< 交換
現物支給: genbutsushikyuu: pay in product vouchers <<< 支給
現物市場: genbutsushijou: spot market <<< 市場
現物取引: genbutsutorihiki: spot trading [transaction] <<< 取引
現物売買: genbutsubaibai <<< 売買
現物仲買人: genbutsunakagainin: spot broker


pronunciation: genchi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: geography
translation: spot, field
現地の: genchino: local
現地で: genchide: on the spot [scene]
現地採用: genchisaiyou: employment of locals <<< 採用
現地時間: genchijikan: local time <<< 時間
現地生産: genchiseisan: local production <<< 生産
現地調査: genchichousa: field survey [investigation] <<< 調査
現地調査をする: genchichousaosuru: make a field survey [investigation]
現地調達: genchichoutatsu: procurement in the field
現地報告: genchihoukoku: spot report <<< 報告
現地放送: genchihousou: on-the-spot broadcast <<< 放送
check also: 当地


pronunciation: genchou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: disease
translation: auditory hallucination


pronunciation: gendai
kanji characters: ,
other spells: ヒュンダイ (a Korean company)
keyword: calendar
translation: nowadays, modern, contemporary, Hyundai (a Korean company)
現代の: gendaino: modern, present-day, of today [the day]
現代的: gendaiteki <<<
現代では: gendaideha: these days, nowadays
現代化: gendaika: modernization <<<
現代化する: gendaikasuru: modernize
現代風: gendaihuu: modernism, prevailing taste <<<
現代人: gendaijin: modern man <<<
現代史: gendaishi: contemporary [modern] history <<<
現代文: gendaibun: contemporary writings, current style <<<
現代語: gendaigo: living language <<<
現代作家: gendaisakka: contemporary writer <<< 作家
現代文学: gendaibungaku: current literature <<< 文学
現代思想: gendaishisou: modern ideas, contemporary thought <<< 思想
check also: 今日 , 近代 , 現在


pronunciation: gendo
kanji characters: ,
keyword: technology
translation: limit, bounds, maximum
限度とする: gendotosuru: be limited
限度に達する: gendonitassuru: reach the limit <<<
限度を超える: gendookoeru: exceed the limit <<<
限度を定める: gendoosadameru: set a limit <<<
検出限度: kenshutsugendo: detection capability [limit] <<< 検出
貸付限度: kashitsukegendo: credit limit <<< 貸付
最高限度: saikougendo: the highest limit, the maximum <<< 最高
上昇限度: joushougendo: ceiling <<< 上昇
check also: 上限 , 限界


pronunciation: gengaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: accounting
translation: cut, reduction
減額する: gengakusuru: reduce, cut down, diminish
check also: 値引

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