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pronunciation: gengo
kanji characters: ,
keyword: grammar
translation: language, speech, tongue
言語の: gengono: linguistic
言語上: gengojou <<<
言語に絶する: gengonizessuru: be beyond description [words] <<<
言語を慎む: gengootsutsushimu: be careful in speech, weigh one's words <<<
言語学: gengogaku: linguistics <<<
言語学者: gengogakusha: linguist <<< 学者
言語教育: gengokyouiku: language teaching <<< 教育
言語障害: gengoshougai: speech defect <<< 障害
言語不随: gengohuzui: aphasia
言語中枢: gengochuusuu: speech center <<< 中枢
共通言語: kyoutsuugengo: common language <<< 共通
身振り言語: miburigengo: body language <<< 身振り
視覚言語: shikakugengo: visual language <<< 視覚
屈折言語: kussetsugengo: inflecting [inflected] language <<< 屈折
プログラム言語: puroguramugengo: programming language <<< プログラム
コンピューター言語: konpyuutaagengo: computer language <<< コンピューター
ジャバ言語: jabagengo <<< ジャバ
check also: 言葉


pronunciation: gengorou
kanji characters: , ,
other spells: ゲンゴロウ
keyword: insect
translation: water [diving] beetle, Dytiscidae


pronunciation: gengou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: calendar
translation: (Japanese) imperial calendar


pronunciation: genji
kanji characters: ,
keyword: history , japan
translation: Minamoto clan
源氏物語: genjimonogatari: Tale of Genji <<< 物語
check also: Genji


pronunciation: genjitsu
kanji characters: ,
translation: reality, actuality
現実の: genjitsuno: real, actual, concrete, substantial
現実的: genjitsuteki: realistic <<<
現実性: genjitsusei: reality, actuality <<<
現実する: genjitsusuru: realize, actualize, materialize
現実化: genjitsuka: realization, actualization, materialization <<<
現実味: genjitsumi: touches (flavor) of real life <<<
現実感: genjitsukan: sense of reality, realism <<<
現実主義: genjitsushugi: realism <<< 主義
現実主義者: genjitsushugisha: realist <<<
非現実的: higenjitsuteki: impracticable, unrealistic, unreal, fantastic, quixotic, quixotical
仮想現実: kasougenjitsu: virtual reality <<< 仮想


pronunciation: genjou
kanji characters: ,
translation: current state, status quo
現状態: genjoutai <<<
現状では: genjoudeha: under present conditions, as things stand now, in the existing circumstances
現状維持: genjouiji: maintain of a status quo <<< 維持
現状打破: genjoudaha: modification of a status quo


pronunciation: genjuu
kanji characters: ,
translation: severity, strictness, rigor, sterness
厳重な: genjuuna: severe, strict, rigorous, stern
厳重に: genjuuni: severely, strictly, rigorously, sternly


pronunciation: genka
kanji characters: ,
keyword: accounting
translation: cost price, prime cost
原価で: genkade: at cost price
原価で売る: genkadeuru: sell at cost <<<
原価管理: genkakanri: cost control <<< 管理
原価計算: genkakeisan: cost accounting <<< 計算
原価差異: genkasai: cost variance
生産原価: seisangenka: production cost <<< 生産


pronunciation: genkai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: technology
translation: limit (n.), limitation, margin, barrier
限界を置く: genkaiooku: set limits, limit (v.) <<<
限界を定める: genkaiosadameru <<<
限界を知る: genkaioshiru: know one's limits <<<
限界の無い: genkainonai: without limit [bound] <<<
限界角: genkaikaku: critical angle <<<
限界点: genkaiten: breaking point <<<
限界価格: genkaikakaku: ceiling price <<< 価格
限界効用: genkaikouyou: marginal utility <<< 効用
限界効用説: genkaikouyousetsu: theory of marginal utility <<<
synonyms: 限度
check also: 上限 , マージン


pronunciation: genkaku
kanji characters: ,
translation: strictness, rigor
厳格な: genkakuna: strict, rigorous, stern

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