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pronunciation: gaikotsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: body
translation: skeleton
骸骨の: gaikotsuno: skeletal
頭骸骨: zugaikotsu: skull, cranium <<<


pronunciation: gaikou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics
translation: diplomacy, foreign affairs, field work
外交の: gaikouno: diplomatic
外交上の: gaikoujouno <<<
外交を絶つ: gaikouotatsu: break off [sever] diplomatic relations (with) <<<
外交官: gaikoukan: diplomat <<<
外交家: gaikouka: diplomat, diplomatic person <<<
外交員: gaikouin: representative, agent, salesman <<<
外交団: gaikoudan: diplomatic corps [body, delegation] <<<
外交使節: gaikoushisetsu: diplomatic mission <<< 使節
外交特権: gaikoutokken: diplomatic privilege [immunity]
外交儀礼: gaikougirei: protocol
外交辞令: gaikoujirei: diplomatic language
外交方針: gaikouhoushin: foreign policy <<< 方針
外交政策: gaikouseisaku <<< 政策
外交文書: gaikoubunsho: diplomatic document, memorandum <<< 文書
外交問題: gaikoumondai: diplomatic question [issue, problem] <<< 問題
民間外交: minkangaikou: personal diplomacy <<< 民間
自主外交: jishugaikou: independent foreign policy <<< 自主
ピンポン外交: pinpongaikou: ping-pong diplomacy <<< ピンポン
check also: 外務


pronunciation: gaikyou
kanji characters: ,
translation: general condition, outlook
天気概況: tenkigaikyou: general weather condition <<< 天気


pronunciation: gaimu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics
translation: foreign affairs
外務省: gaimushou: Ministry of foreign affairs, Foreign office <<<
外務大臣: gaimudaijin: Minister for foreign affairs, Foreign Minister <<< 大臣 , 外相
外務次官: gaimujikan: Vice-Minister for foreign affairs <<< 次官
外務委員会: gaimuiinkai: committee for foreign affairs
check also: 外交


pronunciation: gainen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: literature
translation: conception, concept, notion, general idea
概念を得る: gainennoeru: have a general idea of <<<
概念的: gainenteki: conceptual, notional <<<
概念論: gainenron: conceptualism <<<
概念化: gainenka: generalization, conceptualization <<<
概念化する: gainenkasuru: conceptualize
概念図: gainenzu: synopsis <<< , スケッチ
概念芸術: gainengeijutsu: conceptual art <<< 芸術
構成概念: kouseigainen: construct <<< 構成
根本概念: konpongainen: basic concept, fundamental idea <<< 根本
既成概念: kiseigainen: accepted ideas <<< 既成
強迫概念: kyouhakugainen: obsession, (persecution) complex <<< 強迫
固定概念: koteigainen: fixed idea, complex <<< 固定
恐怖概念: kyouhugainen: fear complex <<< 恐怖
check also: コンセプト


pronunciation: gairai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: medicine , nature
translation: foreign origin, coming from abroad, from the outside
外来の: gairaino: foreign, extern, from the outside
外来語: gairaigo: loanword <<<
外来種: gairaishu: foreign species <<<
外来植物: gairaishokubutsu: exotic plant <<< 植物
外来思想: gairaishisou: alien idea <<< 思想
外来患者: gairaikanja: outpatient <<< 患者
外来診察: gairaishinsatsu: outpatient clinic, ambulatory <<< 診察
外来診療: gairaishinryou <<< 診療
外来診療科: gairaishinryouka: outpatient department <<<
check also: 外国


pronunciation: gairyaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: book
translation: outline (n.), summary, résumé
概略を言えば: gairyakuoieba: roughly speaking <<<
概略を述べる: gairyakuonoberu: give an outline (of), outline (v.), sketch, summarize <<<
概略を記す: gairyakuokisu <<<
概略を示す: gairyakuoshimesu <<<
check also: 概要


pronunciation: gaisan
kanji characters: ,
keyword: accounting
translation: rough estimate
概算で: gaisande: at a rough estimate, roughly, approximately
概算する: gaisansuru: estimate roughly, make a rough estimate (of)
概算払い: gaisanbarai: payment by rough estimate <<<
概算要求: gaisannyoukyuu: submission of budget estimates (for the next fiscal year) <<< 要求


pronunciation: gaisen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: war , sport
translation: triumph
凱旋の: gaisennno: triumphal
凱旋する: gaisensuru: return in triumph
凱旋門: gaisenmon: arch of triumph, triumphal arch <<<
凱旋軍: gaisengun: victorious army <<<
凱旋式: gaisenshiki: triumphal celebration <<<
凱旋行進: gaisenkoushin: triumphal march <<< 行進
凱旋将軍: gaisenshougun: victorious [triumphant] general <<< 将軍


pronunciation: gaisha
kanji characters: ,
keyword: car
translation: foreign-made car

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