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pronunciation: gyorai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: weapon
translation: torpedo (n.)
魚雷艇: gyoraitei: torpedo boat <<<
魚雷管: gyoraikan: torpedo launcher <<<
魚雷を発射する: gyoraiohasshasuru: launch a torpedo <<< 発射
魚雷攻撃: gyoraikougeki: torpedoing <<< 攻撃
魚雷攻撃する: gyoraikougekisuru: torpedo (v.)


pronunciation: gyosha
kanji characters: ,
keyword: transport
translation: driver, coachman
御者台: gyoshadai: driver's seat [box] <<<


pronunciation: gyougi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: greeting
translation: behavior, manners
行儀の良い: gyouginoii, gyouginoyoi: well-behaved <<<
行儀の悪い: gyouginowarui: ill-behaved <<<
行儀を習う: gyougionarau: learn good manners <<<
行儀を知らない: gyougioshiranai: not know good manners, have no manners <<<
行儀作法: gyougisahou: manners, etiquette <<< 作法
他人行儀: taningyougi: reserved manners <<< 他人
他人行儀にする: taningyouginisuru: be reserved, stand on ceremony (toward a person) <<< 他人
synonyms: マナー , エチケット


pronunciation: gyouji
kanji characters: ,
keyword: fest
translation: (annual) event, occasion
行事表: gyoujihyou: annual schedule <<<
行事予定表: gyoujiyoteihyou
年中行事: nenjuugyouji: annual functions [events] <<< 年中
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pronunciation: gyoukai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: industry
translation: business worlds [circles]
業界紙: gyoukaishi: trade journal <<<
業界新聞: gyoukaishinbun <<< 新聞


pronunciation: gyouko
kanji characters: ,
keyword: physics
translation: coagulation, congealing, freezing
凝固する: gyoukosuru: congeal, coagulate, curdle, freeze
凝固剤: gyoukozai: coagulant <<<
凝固点: gyoukoten: freezing point <<<
check also: 冷凍


pronunciation: gyoukou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: history
translation: visit of an emperor
行幸する: gyoukousuru: an emperor visits


pronunciation: gyoumu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: job
translation: business (n.), affairs, duties
業務に励む: gyoumunihagemu: attend to one's business, work hard at one's business <<<
業務に勤しむ: gyoumuniisoshimu <<<
業務を怠る: gyoumuookotaru: neglect one's business <<<
業務用: gyoumuyou: for business use <<<
業務上: gyoumujou: professional, business (a.) <<<
業務上過失: gyoumujoukashitsu: business negligence, professional blunder <<< 過失
業務上過失致死: gyoumujoukashitsuchishi: corporate manslaughter <<< 致死
業務拡張: gyoumukakuchou: extension of business <<< 拡張
業務提携: gyoumuteikei: business tie-up [collaboration] <<< 提携
業務規則: gyoumukisoku: rules of operation [procedure] <<< 規則
業務報告: gyoumuhoukoku: business report <<< 報告
業務管理: gyoumukanri: business management <<< 管理
業務管理者: gyoumukanrisha: manager, chief executive <<<
業務時間: gyoumujikan: office [business] hours <<< 時間
業務命令: gyoumumeirei: business order <<< 命令
清掃業務: seisougyoumu: cleaning service <<< 清掃
日常業務: nichijougyoumu: daily business <<< 日常
管理業務: kanrigyoumu: administration (of an office) <<< 管理
信託業務: shintakugyoumu: trust transaction <<< 信託
check also: 営業 , 仕事


pronunciation: gyouretsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: mathematics , fest
translation: procession, parade (n.), queue (n.), matrix
行列する: gyouretsusuru: parade (v.), queue (v.)
行列を乱す: gyouretsuomidasu: obstruct a parade, disregard the queue <<<
行列式: gyouretsushiki: determinant <<<
行列計算: gyouretsukeisan: matrix calculus <<< 計算
車の行列: kurumanogyouretsu: motorcade, line [queue] of cars <<< , 車列
旗行列: hatagyouretsu: flag procession <<<
単位行列: tannigyouretsu: unit matrix <<< 単位
仮装行列: kasougyouretsu: costume parade <<< 仮装
大名行列: daimyougyouretsu: procession of feudal lord <<< 大名
松明行列: taimatsugyouretsu: torchlight procession <<< 松明
提灯行列: chouchingyouretsu: lantern procession <<< 提灯
騎馬行列: kibagyouretsu: cavalcade <<< 騎馬
check also: パレード


pronunciation: gyousei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics , administration
translation: administration, government
行政の: gyouseino: administrative, executive
行政部: gyouseibu: executive (department), administration <<<
行政法: gyouseihou: administrative law <<<
行政権: gyouseiken: government authority <<<
行政官: gyouseikan: administrator, commissioner <<<
行政官庁: gyouseikanchou: administrative organ [body] <<< 官庁
行政機関: gyouseikikan <<< 機関
行政改革: gyouseikaikaku: administrative reform <<< 改革
行政整理: gyouseiseiri: administrative readjustment <<< 整理
行政指導: gyouseishidou: administrative guidance <<< 指導
行政区画: gyouseikukaku: administrative district
行政区分: gyouseikubun <<< 区分
行政命令: gyouseimeirei: executive order <<< 命令
行政処分: gyouseishobun: administrative disposition <<< 処分
行政訴訟: gyouseisoshou: administrative litigation <<< 訴訟
河川行政: kasengyousei: river administration <<< 河川
都市行政: toshigyousei: city administration <<< 都市
司法行政: shihougyousei: judicial administration <<< 司法
地方行政: chihougyousei: local administration <<< 地方
人事行政: jinjigyousei: personnel administration <<< 人事
森林行政: shinringyousei: forest [forestry] administration <<< 森林
衛生行政: eiseigyousei: sanitary administration, sanitary authorities <<< 衛生

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