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pronunciation: hakuryoku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: audio
translation: force, drive
迫力の有る: hakuryokunoaru: forceful, strong, powerful, convincing, moving <<<
迫力の無い: hakuryokunonai: weak, powerless, unconvincing <<<
迫力が無い: hakuryokuganai: lack power, be unconvincing


pronunciation: hakusai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: vegetable
translation: Chinese cabbage
check also: キャベツ


pronunciation: hakusan
kanji characters: ,
keyword: asia
translation: Mount Hakusan (Ishikawa)
長白山: chouhakusan: Baekdu Mountain (Korea), Changbai Mountain (China) <<<
check also: 石川


pronunciation: hakusei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: animal , bird
translation: stuffed animal [bird]
剥製の: hakuseino: stuffed
剥製にする: hakuseinisuru: stuff
剥製師: hakuseishi: taxidermist <<<
剥製術: hakuseijutsu: taxidermy <<<


pronunciation: hakusen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: sport
translation: white line


pronunciation: hakusha
kanji characters: ,
translation: spur
拍車を掛ける: hakushaokakeru: give a stimulus [an impetus] (to), spur (a person) on to [up to] (further efforts), inflame, aggravate <<<
拍車を入れる: hakushaoireru <<<
check also:


pronunciation: hakushaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: history
translation: earl, count
伯爵の: hakushakuno: of earl
伯爵領: hakushakuryou: earldom, county <<<
伯爵夫人: hakushakuhujin: countess <<< 夫人
ドラキュラ伯爵: dorakyurahakushaku: Count Dracula <<< ドラキュラ
check also: 公爵 , 子爵 , 侯爵 , 男爵


pronunciation: hakushi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics
translation: blank paper, white paper
白紙に戻す: hakushinimodosu: begin all over again <<<
白紙に返す: hakushinikaesu <<<
白紙委任: hakushiinin: carte blanche <<< 委任


pronunciation: hakushi , hakase
kanji characters: ,
keyword: science , education
translation: doctor
博士の: hakushino: doctoral
博士号: hakushigou: doctoral degree <<<
博士号を取る: hakushigouotoru: take (obtain) a doctorate (doctor's degree) <<<
博士号を得る: hakushigouoeru <<<
博士課程: hakushikatei: doctoral course <<< 課程
博士論文: hakushironbun: doctorate thesis <<< 論文
法学博士: hougakuhakushi: Doctor of Laws, LLD <<< 法学
農学博士: nougakuhakushi: doctor of agriculture <<< 農学
工学博士: kougakuhakushi: Doctor of Engineering <<< 工学
文学博士: bungakuhakushi: Doctor of Literature <<< 文学
哲学博士: tetsugakuhakushi: philosopher <<< 哲学
医学博士: igakuhakushi: Doctor of Medicine <<< 医学
神学博士: shinkakuhakushi: doctor of divinity <<< 神学
check also: 医者 , 学士


pronunciation: hakusho
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics
translation: white paper

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