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pronunciation: hanayome
kanji characters: ,
keyword: love , family
translation: bride
花嫁の: hanayomeno: bridal
花嫁姿の: hanayomesugatano: in bridal dress <<< 姿
花嫁衣裳: hanayomeishou: bridal finery (suit, dress) <<< 衣裳
花嫁学校: hanayomegakkou: finishing school <<< 学校


pronunciation: hanazono
kanji characters: ,
keyword: flower
translation: flower garden
check also: 花畑


pronunciation: hanbai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: business
translation: sale, selling, distribution
販売する: hanbaisuru: sell, deal, trade
販売店: hanbaiten: store [shop] (of a brand), dealer <<<
販売員: hanbaiin: seller, dealer, salesman <<<
販売人: hanbainin <<<
販売係: hanbaigakari <<<
販売課: hanbaika: sales department <<<
販売高: hanbaidaka: sales (amount), turnover <<<
販売網: hanbaimou: sales network, distribution channel <<<
販売価格: hanbaikakaku: selling price <<< 価格
販売組合: hanbaikumiai: guild <<< 組合
販売代理店: hanbaidairiten: selling agent, distributor
戸別販売: kobetsuhanbai: door-to-door selling <<< 戸別
委託販売: itakuhanbai: commission sale <<< 委託
限定販売: genteihanbai: limited offer <<< 限定
出血販売: shukketsuhanbai: sacrifice sale <<< 出血
街頭販売: gaitouhanbai: street sale <<< 街頭
特価販売: tokkahanbai: bargain sale <<< 特価
通信販売: tsuushinhanbai: mail-order <<< 通信
予約販売: yoyakuhanbai: sale by subscription <<< 予約
check also: 発売 , 市販


pronunciation: hanbun
kanji characters: ,
keyword: mathematics
translation: half (n.), halves
半分の: hanbunnno: half (a.)
半分にする: hanbunnnisuru: halve, divide into halves
半分に分ける: hanbunnniwakeru <<<
半分の大きさ: hanbunnnoookisa: half the size <<<
半分の値段: hanbunnnonedan: half the price <<< 値段
遊び半分に: asobihanbunnni: half in play, half-heartedly <<<
冗談半分に: joudanhanbunnni: half in joke <<< 冗談
悪戯半分に: itazurahanbunnni: half in fun <<< 悪戯
面白半分に: omoshirohanbunnni: jokingly, for fun, partly for amusement <<< 面白
check also: 全部 , ハーフ


pronunciation: handa
kanji characters: ,
keyword: tool
translation: solder (n.)
半田付け: handaZuke: soldering <<<
半田付けする: handaZukesuru: solder (v.)
半田鏝: handagote: soldering iron <<<
check also: 溶接


pronunciation: handan
kanji characters: ,
translation: judgment, conclusion, appreciation
判断する: handansuru: judge, conclude, appreciate
判断を下す: handannokudasu: pass a judgment <<<
判断を誤る: handannoayamaru: misjudge, error in judgment <<<
判断力: handanryoku: power (strength) of judgment <<<
身の上判断: minouehandan: fortunetelling <<< 身の上
姓名判断: seimeihandan: onomancy <<< 姓名
価値判断: kachihandan: value judgment, evaluation <<< 価値
情況判断: joukyouhandan: circumstantial analysis <<< 情況
check also: 判定


pronunciation: handou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics , economy
translation: reaction
反動で: handoude: as a reaction
反動する: handousuru
反動的な: handoutekina: reactionary (a.) <<<
反動高: handoudaka: rise by reaction <<<
反動安: handouyasu: fall by reaction <<<
反動思想: handoushisou: reactionary idea <<< 思想
反動主義: handoushugi: reaction, reactionary doctrine (principle) <<< 主義
反動主義者: handoushugisha: reactionary (n.), reactionist <<<
check also: 反発


pronunciation: hane
kanji characters: ,
keyword: bird , amusement
translation: wing, feather, plume, quill, blade, vane, shuttlecock
羽根突: hanetsuki: Japanese battledore and shuttlecock game <<<
羽根を突く: haneotsuku: play battledore and shuttlecock
check also: 羽子板 , Hanetsuki


pronunciation: haneda
kanji characters: ,
keyword: japan
translation: Haneda (airport)
羽田空港: hanedakuukou: Haneda Airport <<< 空港
羽田飛行場: hanedahikoujou


pronunciation: hanga
kanji characters: ,
keyword: art
translation: woodprint, etching
版画を彫る: hangaohoru: engrave <<<
版画師: hangashi: engraver <<<
木版画: mokuhanga: woodprint <<<
銅版画: douhanga: etching <<<

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