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pronunciation: hangaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: business
translation: half price, half rate
半額で: hangakude: at half price, at half the usual price (charge)
半額に下げる: hangakunisageru: cut the price by half, make a fifty percent discount <<<
半額セール: hangakuseeru: half pricing sale <<< セール


pronunciation: hangyaku
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 叛逆
keyword: war , politics
translation: treason, rebellion, insurrection, revolt
反逆する: hangyakusuru: rebel [revolt] (against)
反逆を企てる: hangyakuokuwadateru: plot against (a person) <<<
反逆的: hangyakuteki: treasonous, rebellious <<<
反逆罪: hangyakuzai: treason <<<
反逆者: hangyakusha: traitor, rebel <<<
反逆の精神: hangyakunoseishin: spirit of revolt <<< 精神
check also: 裏切


pronunciation: haniwa
kanji characters:
keyword: japanese history
translation: clay image [figure], terracotta


pronunciation: hanjou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: business
translation: prosperity, wealth, affluence
繁盛する: hanjousuru: prosper, be prosperous, thrive, flourish, have a large practice
繁盛した: hanjoushita: prosperous, flourishing, thriving
商売が繁盛する: shoubaigahanjousuru: do good business [trade], do very well in business <<< 商売
check also: 繁栄


pronunciation: hankaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: computer
translation: one byte Japanese characters and ASCII
半角文字: hankakumoji <<< 文字
check also: 全角


pronunciation: hankei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: mathematics
translation: radius
半径の: hankeino: radial
行動半径: koudouhankei: action radius <<< 行動
check also: 直径


pronunciation: hanken
kanji characters: ,
keyword: book
translation: copyright (n.)
版権を得る: hankennoeru: copyright (v.), secure the copyright (for a book) <<<
版権所有: hankenshoyuu: All rights reserved, Copyrighted <<< 所有
版権所有者: hankenshoyuusha: copyright holder <<<


pronunciation: hanketsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: justice
translation: (judicial) decision, judgment, sentence
判決する: hanketsusuru: decide [give a decision, pass judgment] (on a case)
判決を下す: hanketsuokudasu <<<
判決に服する: hanketsunihukusuru: accept the decision <<<
判決を覆す: hanketsuokutsugaesu: reverse a decision <<<
判決文: hanketsubun: text of a decision <<<
判決例: hanketsurei: judicial precedent <<<
判決理由: hanketsuriyuu: reasons for the judgment <<< 理由
確定判決: kakuteihanketsu: irrevocable judgment <<< 確定
無罪判決: muzaihanketsu: verdict of not guilty <<< 無罪
check also: 裁判


pronunciation: hanki
kanji characters: ,
keyword: calendar
translation: a half year [term]
半期の: hankino: half-yearly, semiannual
半期毎の: hankigotono <<<
半期決算: hankikessan: half-yearly closing account <<< 決算
半期配当: hankihaitou: semiannual dividend <<< 配当
上半期: kamihanki: first half of the year <<<
下半期: shimohanki: latter half of the year <<<
四半期: yonhanki: quarter <<<


pronunciation: hankotsu
kanji characters: ,
translation: antiestablishment
反骨精神: hankotsuseishin: spirit of resistance, antiestablishment [rebel] spirit <<< 精神
check also: 反発 , 反抗

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