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pronunciation: hanryo
kanji characters:
keyword: family
translation: companion, spouse
旅の伴侶: tabinohanryo: travelling companion <<<


pronunciation: hansei
kanji characters: ,
translation: reflection, introspection, review (n.)
反省する: hanseisuru: reflect on, introspect, review (v.)
反省を求める: hanseiomotomeru: ask to reconsider <<<
反省会: hanseikai: meeting for reviewing <<<


pronunciation: hansen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: war , politics
translation: antiwar
反戦論: hansenron: pacifism <<<
反戦論者: hansenronsha: pacifist <<<
反戦主義: hansenshugi: pacifism <<< 主義
反戦運動: hansennundou: pacifist movement <<< 運動
反戦デモ: hansendemo: antiwar demonstration <<< デモ


pronunciation: hansha
kanji characters: ,
keyword: optics
translation: reflection, reflex
反射する: hanshasuru: reflect, return
反射的: hanshateki: reflective, reflexive <<<
反射的に: hanshatekini: reflectively, by a reflex action
反射炉: hansharo: reverberatory furnace <<<
反射光: hanshakou: reflected light <<<
反射熱: hanshanetsu: reflected heat <<<
反射面: hanshamen: surface of reflection <<<
反射像: hanshazou: reflected image <<<
反射鏡: hanshakyou: reflector, reflecting mirror <<<
反射運動: hanshaundou: reflex movement <<< 運動
反射作用: hanshasayou: reflex action <<< 作用
反射望遠鏡: hanshabouenkyou: reflecting telescope <<< 望遠鏡
拡散反射: kakusanhansha: diffuse reflection <<< 拡散
条件反射: joukenhansha: conditioned reflex <<< 条件
check also: 屈折


pronunciation: hanshin
kanji characters: ,
keyword: body
translation: half the body, one side of the body
半身像: hanshinzou: half-length statue [portrait], bust <<<
半身不随: hanshinhuzui: hemiplegia
半身不随の: hanshinhuzuino: hemiplegic
上半身: jouhanshin: upper half of one's body <<<
下半身: kahanshin: lower half of one's body <<<
check also: 全身


pronunciation: hanshin
kanji characters: ,
keyword: japan
translation: Osaka Kobe region
阪神大震災: hanshindaishinsai: Great Hanshin earthquake
阪神電鉄: hanshindentetsu: Hanshin Electric Railway
阪神タイガース: hanshintaigaasu: Hanshin Tigers (a Japanese baseball club)
check also: 大阪 , 神戸


pronunciation: hanshoku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: biology
translation: propagation, breeding, increase (n.)
繁殖する: hanshokusuru: propagate itself, breed, increase (v.)
繁殖期: hanshokuki: breeding season <<<
繁殖力: hanshokuryoku: procreative power, fertility <<<
繁殖力の盛んな: hanshokuryokunosakannna: prolific <<<


pronunciation: hansode
kanji characters: ,
keyword: clothes
translation: short sleeve
半袖の: hansodeno: short-sleeved, with short sleeve
半袖のシャツ: hansodenoshatsu: (white) shirt with short sleeve <<< シャツ
check also: 長袖


pronunciation: hansoku
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 犯則
keyword: law , sport
translation: foul, violation of the law
反則する: hansokusuru: play foul, act against the rules, commit a foul
反則を犯す: hansokuookasu <<<
反則者: hansokusha: offender, transgressor <<<
反則負け: hansokumake: disqualification <<<
反則負けする: hansokumakesuru: be disqualified, lose a game on a foul
反則切符: hansokukippu: traffic [parking] ticket <<< 切符
check also: ファウル


pronunciation: hansuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: mathematics
translation: half the number
半数体: hansuutai: haploid <<<
半数性: hansuusei: haploidy <<<
半数改選: hansuukaisen: reelection of the half the members
過半数: kahansuu: majority, greater part (of), most (of) <<<
過半数を得る: kahansuuoeru: win [gain, gain] a majority <<<
過半数を占める: kahansuuoshimeru: hold a majority <<<
check also: 二倍

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