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pronunciation: heikai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: technology
translation: opening and closing [shutting]
開閉する: heikaisuru: open and close [shut]
開閉器: kaiheiki: switch, cutout <<< , スイッチ
開閉橋: kaiheikyou: drawbridge <<<


pronunciation: heiki
kanji characters: ,
keyword: war
translation: weapon, arm, armament
兵器庫: heikiko: armory <<<
兵器廠: heikishou: arsenal
兵器工場: heikikoujou <<< 工場
核兵器: kakuheiki: nuclear weapon <<<
宇宙兵器: uchuuheiki: space weapon <<< 宇宙
光線兵器: kousenheiki: beam weapon <<< 光線
最終兵器: saishuuheiki: ultimate weapon <<< 最終
防御兵器: bougoheiki: defensive weapon <<< 防御
大量破壊兵器: tairyouhakaiheiki: WMD, weapon of mass destruction <<< 大量
化学兵器: kagakuheiki: chemical weapon <<< 化学
原子兵器: genshiheiki: atomic weapon <<< 原子
生物兵器: seibutsuheiki: biological weapon <<< 生物
通常兵器: tsuujouheiki: conventional weapon <<< 通常
レーザー兵器: reezaaheiki: laser weapon <<< レーザー
ロケット兵器: rokettoheiki: rocket weapon <<< ロケット


pronunciation: heiki
kanji characters: ,
translation: calmness, indifference, nonchalance
平気な: heikina: calm, composed, cool, indifferent, unconcerned, nonchalant
平気で: heikide: calmly, coolly, with composure, indifferently, without scruple
平気でいる: heikideiru: remain calm [cool], keep one's self possession
平気を装う: heikioyosoou: assume calmness <<<
check also: 平静


pronunciation: heikin
kanji characters: ,
keyword: mathematics
translation: average (n.), mean, balance
平均の: heikinnno: mean (a.)
平均して: heikinshite: on an average
平均する: keikinsuru: average (v.)
平均を取る: heikinnotoru: balance, poise <<<
平均の取れた: heikinnnotoreta: well-balanced
平均を失う: heikinnoushinau: lose one's balance <<<
平均値: heikinchi: mean value, average <<<
平均点: heikinten: average mark <<<
平均台: heikindai: balance beam <<<
平均寿命: heikinjumyou: average life span <<< 寿命
平均気温: heikinkion: mean temperature <<< 気温
年間平均: nenkanheikin: annual [yearly] average <<< 年間
check also: 普通


pronunciation: heikou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: mathematics
translation: parallelism
平行の: heikouno: parallel
平行する: heikousuru: run parallel to
平行線: heikousen: parallel lines <<<
平行棒: heikoubou: parallel bars <<<
平行定規: heikoujougi: parallel ruler <<< 定規
平行六面体: heikourokumentai: parallelepiped
check also: 並行


pronunciation: heikou
kanji characters: ,
translation: going side by side
並行する: heikousuru: keep pace with, go abreast of, go side by side (with)
並行輸入: heikouyunyuu: parallel import <<< 輸入
check also: 平行


pronunciation: heimei
kanji characters: ,
translation: clarity, simplicity, easiness
平明な: heimeina: plain, clear, simple, easy
check also: 単純 , 簡単


pronunciation: heimen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: mathematics
translation: plane surface
平面の: heimennno: plane, level, flat
平面図: heimenzu: plane figure, floor plan <<<
平面幾何: heimenkika: plane geometry <<< 幾何
平面幾何学: heimenkikagaku <<<
平面交差: heimenkousa: grade crossing, level crossing <<< 交差
平面曲線: heimenkyokusen: plane curve <<< 曲線
平面三角法: heimensankakuhou: plane trigonometry
check also: 立体


pronunciation: heimin
kanji characters: ,
keyword: history
translation: commoner, common people
平民的: heiminteki: democratic, untitled <<<
check also: 庶民


pronunciation: heion
kanji characters: ,
translation: peacefulness, quiet, calm, tranquility
平穏な: heionnna: peaceful, quiet, calm, tranquil
平穏に: heionnni: in peace and quiet
平穏に成る: heionnninaru: become quiet <<<
平穏裡に: heionrini: calmly, without ruffle or excitement
synonyms: 平和

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