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pronunciation: heiyou
kanji characters: ,
translation: joint [simultaneous] usage [use]
併用する: heiyousuru: use (a thing) together with (another), use (things) jointly [at the same time]
check also: 汎用


pronunciation: hekiga
kanji characters: ,
keyword: art
translation: mural painting, fresco
洞窟壁画: doukutsuhekiga: wall painting in a cave <<< 洞窟
check also: フレスコ


pronunciation: henbou
kanji characters:
translation: transfiguration, metamorphosis, transformation
変貌する: henbousuru: transfigure, metamorphose, transform
check also: 変化


pronunciation: hendou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics
translation: change, alteration, variation, fluctuations
変動する: hendousuru: change, alter, vary, fluctuate
変動が激しい: hendougahageshii: be subject to wide fluctuations <<<
変動所得: hendoushotoku: fluctuating income <<< 所得
大変動: daihendou: violent [radical] change, cataclysm, catastrophe, upheaval <<< , カタストロフィー
相場変動: soubahendou: price fluctuation, fluctuation of a market price <<< 相場
地殻変動: chikakuhendou: crustal movement <<< 地殻
在庫変動: zaikohendou: change in inventory [stock], inventory change <<< 在庫
価格変動: kakakuhendou: price fluctuation <<< 価格
景気変動: keikihendou: business fluctuations <<< 景気
synonyms: 変化


pronunciation: henji
kanji characters: ,
translation: reply, answer
返事をする: henjiosuru: reply, answer, give a reply [answer]
返事をしない: henjioshinai: make no reply
返事が有る: henjigaaru: get an answer from <<<
返事が無い: henjiganai: get no answer from <<<
生返事: namahenji: vague [non committal] answer <<<
生返事する: namahenjisuru: give a vague [non committal] answer
check also: 返答 , 応答 , 回答


pronunciation: henjin
kanji characters: ,
translation: odd [eccentric] person, queer fellow, geek, flake, wack
check also: 狂人


pronunciation: henka , henge
kanji characters: ,
keyword: grammar , sport
translation: change, variation, variety, transformation
変化する: henkasuru: change, make [undergo] a change, turn, vary, alter, be transformed, inflect, conjugate, decline
変化し易い: henkashiyasui: changeable, variable <<<
変化に富んだ: henkanitonda: full of variety, varied, diverse, eventful <<<
変化の有る: henkanoaru <<<
変化に乏しい: henkanitoboshii: changeless, lacking of variety, monotonous <<<
変化の無い: henkanonai <<<
変化を与える: henkaoataeru: give variety <<<
変化形: henkakei: varied form <<<
変化球: henkakyuu: slow ball, curve ball <<<
格変化: kakuhenka: inflection, conjugation, declension <<<
動詞変化: doushihenka: conjugation <<< 動詞
刻々と変化する: kokkokutohenkasuru: change every second <<< 刻々
気圧変化: kiatsuhenka: change of atmospheric pressure <<< 気圧
化学変化: kagakuhenka: chemical reaction <<< 化学
名詞変化: meishihenka: declination <<< 名詞
形態変化: keitaihenka: metamorphosis <<< 形態
synonyms: 変動


pronunciation: henkan
kanji characters: ,
translation: return, restoration, repayment
返還する: henkansuru: return, restore, repay


pronunciation: henkei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: mechanics
translation: transformation, metamorphosis, modification
変形する: henkeisuru: change [turn] (into), be transformed [metamorphosed] (into), transform, change
変形文法: henkeibunpou: transformational grammar <<< 文法
check also: 変化


pronunciation: henken
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics
translation: prejudice, bias, prejudiced view
偏見有る: henkennaru: prejudiced, biased, partial, unfair <<<
偏見無い: henkennnai: unprejudiced, unbiased, impartial, fair <<<
偏見を抱く: henkennoidaku: have a prejudice against, be prejudiced (biased) against <<<
偏見を持つ: henkennomotsu <<<

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