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pronunciation: hihi
other spells: 狒狒
keyword: animal
translation: baboon, dog ape
狒々爺: hihijijii: lustful [dirty] old man <<<
check also:


pronunciation: hihu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: body
translation: skin (n.)
皮膚の: hihuno: skin (a.), cutaneous
皮膚の色: hihunoiro: complexion, skin color <<<
皮膚病: hihubyou: skin disease <<<
皮膚炎: hihuen: dermatitis, eczema <<< , 湿疹
皮膚科: hihuka: dermatology <<<
皮膚科医: hihukai: dermatologist, skin specialist <<<
皮膚癌: hihugan: skin [cutaneous] cancer <<<
皮膚筋炎: hihukinnen: dermatomyositis
皮膚呼吸: hihukokyuu: cutaneous respiration <<< 呼吸


pronunciation: hihyou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: literature
translation: criticism, critique (n.), comment (n.)
批評する: hihyousuru: criticize, critique (v.), comment (v.)
批評家: hihyouka: critic, essayist <<<
批評的: hihyouteki: critical <<<
批評論: hihyouron: critical essay, essay in criticism, critique <<<
批評眼: hihyougan: critical eye (sense) <<<
辛口批評: karakuchihihyou: bitter [unsparing] criticism <<< 辛口
音楽批評: ongakuhihyou: music criticism <<< 音楽
check also: 評論 , 批判


pronunciation: hiiro
kanji characters: ,
keyword: color
translation: cardinal (n.), scarlet
緋色の: hiirono: cardinal (a.), scarlet
check also: 深紅


pronunciation: hijou
kanji characters: ,
translation: cold (hearted), mercilessness, ruthlessness, inhumanity
非情な: hijouna: merciless, pitiless, ruthless, inhuman
非情の: hijouno
check also: 残酷


pronunciation: hijou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: security , politics
translation: emergency
非常な: hijouna: extraordinary, extreme, great, awful
非常に: hijouni: very, very much, greatly, extremely, exceedingly, awfully, unusually
非常口: hijouguchi: emergency exit <<<
非常線: hijousen: police cordon <<<
非常時: hijouji: emergency time, crisis, state of emergency <<<
非常事態: hijoujitai <<< 事態
非常階段: hijoukaidan: fire escape <<< 階段
非常警報: hijoukeihou: alarm bell <<< 警報
非常召集: hijoushoushuu: emergency call
非常手段: hijoushudan: emergency [drastic] measure <<< 手段
check also: 大変


pronunciation: hijuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: physics
translation: specific gravity, relative density
比重を計る: hijuuohakaru: measure the specific gravity <<<
比重計: hijuukei: (standard) hydrometer, areometer
check also: 密度


pronunciation: hikage
kanji characters: ,
keyword: nature
translation: shade, shady spot
日陰の: hikageno: shady, in the shade
日陰に置く: hikagenioku: keep in the shade <<<
日陰に成る: hikageninaru: be shaded (by) <<<
日陰者: hikagemono: outcast, pariah, outlaw <<<
check also: 日向


pronunciation: hikaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: science , grammar
translation: comparison
比較する: hikakusuru: compare
比較に成らない: hikakuninaranai: There is no comparison between, incomparable <<<
比較出来ない: hikakudekinai <<< 出来
比較的: hikakuteki: comparative, relative <<<
比較的に: hikakutekini: comparatively, relatively
比較的に言えば: hikakutekiniieba: comparatively speaking <<<
比較級: hikakukyuu: comparative degree <<<
比較表: hikakuhyou: comparative table <<<
比較文学: hikakubungaku: comparative literature <<< 文学


pronunciation: hikan
kanji characters: ,
translation: pessimism, discouragement, disheartening, despondency
悲観する: hikansuru: be pessimist, discourage, dishearten, despond
悲観的: hikanteki: pessimistic, gloomy <<<
悲観論: hikanron: pessimism <<<
悲観論者: hikanronsha: pessimist <<<
antonyms: 楽観

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