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pronunciation: hoiku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: kids
translation: nurture (n.), nursing, day care
保育する: hoikusuru: foster, nurture (v.)
保育園: hoikuen: nursery school, day-care center, day nursery <<<
保育所: hoikusho <<<
保育器: hoikuki: incubator <<<


pronunciation: hojo
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics , transport
translation: assistance, help (n.), aid
補助する: hojosuru: assist, aid, help
補助の: hojono: assistant, subsidiary, supplementary
補助金: hojokin: subsidy, grant <<<
補助員: hojoin: supplementary member <<<
補助翼: hojoyoku: aileron <<<
補助艦: hojokan: auxiliary ship <<<
補助椅子: hojoisu: spare chair <<< 椅子
補助貨幣: hojokahei: subsidiary coins <<< 貨幣
補助機関: hojokikan: subsidiary organ <<< 機関
補助タンク: hojotanku: belly tank, auxiliary tank <<< タンク


pronunciation: hojuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: war
translation: supplement, complement, replenishment
補充の: hojuuno: supplementary, complementary
補充する: hojuusuru: supplement (v.), replenish, recruit
補充品: hojuuhin: spare stores <<<
補充兵: hojuuhei: reservist <<<
synonyms: 補足


pronunciation: hokage , hikage
kanji characters: ,
keyword: optics
translation: fire's light
揺れる火影: yureruhokage: flickering light <<<


pronunciation: hokan
kanji characters: ,
translation: charge, custody, storage
保管する: hokansuru: keep (a thing for), take charge [custody] of, take [have] (a thing) in charge
保管して貰う: hokanshitemorau: deposit sth. with sb., give sb. sth. for safe keeping <<<
保管人: hokannnin: keeper, custodian, trustee <<<
保管物: hokanbutsu: article in custody <<<
保管料: hokanryou: charges for custody, storage <<<
synonyms: 保存


pronunciation: hoken
kanji characters: ,
keyword: health
translation: (preservation of) health, sanitation
保健上の: hokenjouno: sanitary, hygienic <<<
保健所: hokensho, hokenjo: health center <<<
保健婦: hokenhu: (public) health nurse <<<
保健薬: hokennyaku: medicines (for the masses) <<<
保健飲料: hokenninryou: hygienic drink <<< 飲料
保健状態: hokenjoutai: health situation, state of health <<< 状態
保健指導: hokenshidou: hygienic guidance <<< 指導
保健制度: hokenseido: health system <<< 制度
保健体育: hokentaiiku: health and physical education <<< 体育
check also: 衛生


pronunciation: hoken
kanji characters: ,
keyword: finance , car
translation: insurance, assurance
保険を掛ける: hokennokakeru: insure, assure, cover <<<
保険を付ける: hokennotsukeru <<<
保険を解約する: hokennokaiyakusuru: surrender an insurance policy <<< 解約
保険金: hokenkin: insurance money <<<
保険料: hokenryou: insurance premium <<<
保険率: hokenritsu: premium rate, insurance rate <<<
保険会社: hokengaisha: insurance company <<< 会社
保険業者: hokengyousha: insurer, underwriter <<< 業者
保険金額: hokenkingaku: amount [sum] insured <<< 金額
保険証書: hokenshousho: insurance policy <<< 証書
保険契約: hokenkeiyaku: contract of insurance <<< 契約
保険事故: hokenjiko: insurance case, insured event, event covered by insurance <<< 事故
被保険者: hihokensha: insured person, insurant
国民保険: kokuminhoken: social security, national health insurance <<< 国民
終身保険: shuushinhoken: straight (whole) life insurance <<< 終身
生命保険: seimeihoken: life insurance <<< 生命
盗難保険: tounantohoken: burglary insurance <<< 盗難
労災保険: rousaihoken: workmen's accident compensation insurance <<< 労災
失業保険: shitsugyouhoken: unemployment insurance <<< 失業
海上保険: kaijouhoken: marine insurance <<< 海上
介護保険: kaigohoken: nursing care insurance <<< 介護
火災保険: kasaihoken: fire insurance <<< 火災
医療保険: iryouhoken: medical care insurance <<< 医療
相互保険: sougohoken: mutual insurance <<< 相互
運送保険: unsouhoken: transport insurance <<< 運送
災害保険: saigaihoken: disaster insurance <<< 災害
損害保険: songaihoken: insurance against loss <<< 損害
簡易保険: kannihoken: post-office life insurance <<< 簡易
養老保険: yourouhoken: old-age insurance <<< 養老
自動車保険: jidoushahoken: automobile insurance <<< 自動車
健康保険: kenkouhoken: health insurance <<< 健康
ボランティア保険: borantiahoken: volunteer insurance <<< ボランティア


pronunciation: hoketsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: job
translation: supplement, substitute, alternate
補欠の: hoketsuno: supplementary, substituted
補欠入学する: hoketsunyuugakusuru: be admitted into the school to fill up a vacancies <<< 入学
補欠選挙: hoketsusenkyo: special election, by-election <<< 選挙
補欠選手: hoketsusenshu: substitute player, reserve <<< 選手
補欠募集: hoketsuboshuu: invitation (of students) for filling vacancies <<< 募集
補欠募集する: hoketsuboshuusuru: invite (students) to fill vacancies


pronunciation: hokkai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: europe
translation: North Sea


pronunciation: hokkaidou
kanji characters: , ,
keyword: japan
translation: Hokkaido (Japanese northern island)
北海道地方: hokkaidouchihou: Hokkaido Region <<< 地方
北海道大学: hokkaidoudaigaku: Hokkaido University <<< 大学
check also: Hokkaido

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