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pronunciation: houkei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: mathematics
translation: square
正方形: seihoukei: (regular) square <<<
正方形の: seihoukeino: square (a.)
長方形: chouhoukei: rectangle, oblong (n.) <<<
長方形の: chouhoukeino: rectangular, oblong (a.)


pronunciation: houken
kanji characters: ,
keyword: history
translation: land distribution by suzerain
封建的: houkenteki: feudal, feudalistic, medieval, old-fashioned <<<
封建時代: houkenjidai: feudal age <<< 時代
封建制度: houkenseido: feudal system <<< 制度
封建主義: houkenshugi: feudalism <<< 主義
封建思想: houkenshisou: feudalistic idea <<< 思想
check also: 中世


pronunciation: houki
kanji characters: ,
translation: abandonment, renunciation
放棄する: houkisuru: abandon, give up, renounce
国籍放棄: kokusekihouki: renunciation of citizenship <<< 国籍
権利を放棄する: kenriohoukisuru: renounce one's rights, release one's right <<< 権利
権利放棄: kenrihouki: a release <<< 権利
船体を放棄する: sentaiohoukisuru: abandon a ship <<< 船体
職場放棄: shokubahouki: walkout <<< 職場
職場を放棄する: shokubaohoukisuru: desert one's post, walk out (on one's job) <<< 職場
check also: 廃棄 , 破棄


pronunciation: houki
kanji characters: ,
keyword: law
translation: laws and regulations
法規上: houkijou: legally <<<
法規に照らして: houkiniterashite: according to (the) law <<<
法規に則り: houkininottori <<<
check also: 法律


pronunciation: houkoku
kanji characters: ,
translation: report (n.), account, information
報告する: houkokusuru: report (v.), inform
報告者: houkokusha: reporter <<<
報告書: houkokusho: report (document), returns <<<
業務報告: gyoumuhoukoku: business report <<< 業務
会計報告: kaikeihoukoku: financial report <<< 会計
最終報告: saishuuhoukoku: final report <<< 最終
年次報告: nenjihoukoku: annual report <<< 年次
現場報告: genbahoukoku: field report <<< 現場
中間報告: chuukanhoukoku: interim report <<< 中間
現地報告: genchihoukoku: spot report <<< 現地
check also: レポート


pronunciation: houkou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: position , transport
translation: direction, course, vector
方向舵: houkouda: rudder <<<
方向板: houkouban: destination label [plate] <<<
方向感覚: houkoukankaku: sense of direction <<< 感覚
方向音痴: houkouonchi: lack of direction sense <<< 音痴
方向転換: houkoutenkan: change of direction, turn <<< 転換
方向転換する: houkoutenkansuru: change one's course, reorient
方向を変える: houkouokaeru <<<
方向を転じる: houkouotenjiru <<<
方向指示器: houkoushijiki: direction [traffic] indicator, trafficator, winker, blinker
方向探知機: houkoutanchiki: direction finder, radar
逆方向: gyakuhoukou: opposite direction <<<
逆方向に: gyakuhoukouni: in the opposite direction
行進方向: koushinhoukou: direction of march, route <<< 行進
進行方向: shinkouhoukou: direction of progress <<< 進行
synonyms: 方角
check also: ベクトル


pronunciation: houkou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: job
translation: service, apprenticeship, public service [duties]
奉公する: houkousuru: serve (a master), take service with (a master)
奉公に出す: houkounidasu: apprentice (v.) <<<
奉公口: houkouguchi: employment, situation, place <<<
奉公人: houkounin: servant, domestic, apprentice (n.) <<<
奉公先: houkousaki: employer, master <<<


pronunciation: houmon
kanji characters: ,
keyword: travel
translation: visit (n.)
訪問する: houmonsuru: visit (v.), pay a visit, call on
訪問者: houmonsha: visitor <<<
訪問着: houmongi: visiting dress <<<
訪問記事: houmonkiji: interview <<< 記事
訪問記者: houmonkisha: interviewer, reporter <<< 記者
公式訪問: koushikihoumon: visitation, official visit <<< 公式
戸別訪問: kobetsuhoumon: house-to-house visit, door-to-door campaign <<< 戸別
不意に訪問する: huinihoumonsuru: pay (a person) a surprise visit <<< 不意
取材訪問: shuzaihoumon: visit for an interview <<< 取材
親善訪問: shinzenhoumon: goodwill visit <<< 親善
自宅訪問: jitakuhoumon: house visit <<< 自宅
synonyms: 来訪


pronunciation: houmu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: justice
translation: legal affairs
法務省: houmushou: Ministry of Justice <<<
法務大臣: houmudaijin: Minister of Justice, Attorney General (in US) <<< 大臣 , 法相


pronunciation: houou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: christianity , history
translation: Pope
法王庁: hououchou: Vatican <<<
法王職: hououshoku: papacy <<<
ローマ法王: roomahouou: Pope <<< ローマ
check also: 教皇

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