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pronunciation: hourei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: law
translation: ordinance, decree, act, fiat
法令集: houreishuu: statute book <<<
法令全書: houreizensho <<< 全書
法令を発布する: houreiohappusuru: promulgate a law
check also: 法律


pronunciation: hourensou
kanji characters:
other spells: ほうれん草, ホウレンソウ
keyword: vegetable
translation: spinach


pronunciation: houritsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics , law
translation: law, legislation
法律の: houritsuno: legal, juridical
法律上の: houritsujouno <<<
法律に反した: houritsunihanshita: unlawful, illegal <<<
法律に明るい: houritsuniakarui: be learned in the law <<<
法律を守る: houritsuomamoru: observe [keep] the law <<<
法律を破る: houritsuoyaburu: break [violate] the law <<<
法律に違反する: houritsuniihansuru <<< 違反
法律に訴える: houritsuniuttaeru: go to law <<<
法律家: houritsuka: lawyer <<<
法律学: houritsugaku: science of law, jurisprudence <<<
法律顧問: houritsukomon: legal adviser <<< 顧問
法律問題: houritsumondai: legal question <<< 問題
法律違反: houritsuihan: breach of the law <<< 違反
法律相談: houritsusoudan: legal advice <<< 相談
法律事務所: houritsujimusho: law office
check also: , 法令 , 法学 , 法規


pronunciation: hourou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: society
translation: roaming, wandering, drifting
放浪する: hourousuru: roam about, wander, drift
放浪者: hourousha: wanderer, vagrant, vagabond <<<
放浪性: hourousei: rambling disposition <<<
放浪癖: hourouguse: vagrant habits <<<
放浪生活: hourouseikatsu: wandering [vagrant] life <<< 生活


pronunciation: houryuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: fish , nature
translation: discharge (of water), sowing (of the river)
放流する: houryuusuru: discharge (water), stock (the stream) with, plant in
鱒を放流する: masuohouryuusuru: stock with trout <<<


pronunciation: housaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: farming
translation: good harvest [crop]
check also: 不作


pronunciation: housan
kanji characters:
other spells: ホウ酸
keyword: chemistry
translation: boric [boracic] acid
硼酸塩: housannen: borate <<<
硼酸石: housanseki: sassolite <<<


pronunciation: houseki
kanji characters: ,
keyword: accessory
translation: gem, jewel, jewelry, jewellery
宝石で飾る: housekidekazaru: jewel (v.), germ, adorn with jewels <<<
宝石店: housekiten: jewel store <<<
宝石箱: housekibako: jewel case [box] <<<
宝石商: housekishou: jeweler <<<
宝石類: housekirui: jewelry, jewellery <<<
宝石細工: housekizaiku <<< 細工


pronunciation: housha
kanji characters: ,
keyword: physics
translation: radiation, irradiation, emission
放射する: houshasuru: radiate, irradiate, emit, pour, shoot
放射状: houshajou: radial <<<
放射状道路: houshajoudouro: radial road <<< 道路
放射性: houshasei: radioactive <<<
放射性元素: houshaseigenso: radioactive element <<< 元素
放射性物質: houshaseibusshitsu <<< 物質
放射線: houshasen: radial ray, radioactive rays <<<
放射線病: houshasenbyou: radioactive disease <<<
放射線技師: houshasengishi: radiological technologist <<< 技師
放射能: houshanou: radioactivity <<<
放射能漏洩: houshanourouei: leakage of radioactivity <<< 漏洩
放射熱: houshanetsu: radiant heat <<<


pronunciation: houshi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: plant , biology
translation: spore
胞子嚢: houshinou: sporangium, spore case
check also: 種子

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