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pronunciation: hukki
kanji characters: ,
keyword: job
translation: return (n.), reversion
復帰する: hukkisuru: return (v.), revert, be restored


pronunciation: hukkou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: history
translation: revival, rehabilitation, reconstruction, renaissance
復興する: hukkousuru: revive, be rehabilitated, restore to the original state
戦後復興: sengohukkou: postwar recovery [rehabilitation] <<< 戦後
synonyms: 再建 , 復旧 , ルネッサンス


pronunciation: hukkyuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: disaster
translation: restoration
復旧する: hukkyuusuru: be restored (to the normal condition)
復旧させる: hukkyuusaseru: restore
復旧費: hukkyuuhi: repair costs, repairing charges <<<
復旧工事: hukkyuukouji: repair work <<< 工事
check also: 回復


pronunciation: hukou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: life
translation: misfortune, unhappiness, ill luck, disaster
不幸な: hukouna: unhappy, unfortunate, unlucky, miserable
不幸にも: hukounimo: unfortunately, unluckily
不幸続き: hukoutsuZuki: a spell of bad luck <<<
不幸に生まれ付く: hukouniumaretsuku: be born under an unlucky star
check also: 災難


pronunciation: hukou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: family
translation: undutifulness (to one's parents), want to filial piety
不孝な: hukouna: undutiful, unfilial, disobedient
親不孝: oyahukou: undutifulness to one's parents <<<
antonyms: 孝行


pronunciation: hukuan
kanji characters: ,
translation: plan, idea
腹案を立てる: hukuannotateru: draw up a plan, be thinking about doing sth. <<<
腹案無しに話す: hukuannnashinihanasu: speak offhand


pronunciation: hukubu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: body
translation: abdomen, belly
腹部の: hukubuno: abdominal
腹部痛: hukubutsuu: stomachache, bellyache, colic <<< , 腹痛
synonyms: 御腹


pronunciation: hukuen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: love
translation: reinstatement of marriage
復縁する: hukuensuru: be reinstated as a person's wife [husband]
check also: 結婚


pronunciation: hukugou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: chemistry , grammar
translation: compound (n.), composite
複合の: hukugouno: compound (a.), complex
複合する: hukugousuru: compose (v.), compound, combine
複合語: hukugougo: compound word <<<
複合文: hukugoubun: complex [combined] sentence <<<
複合体: hukugoutai: complex <<<
複合物: hukugoubutsu: compound, composite <<<
複合薬: hukugouyaku: combination drug <<<
複合汚染: hukugouosen: combined [compound, multiplied] pollution <<< 汚染
複合企業: hukugoukigyou: conglomerate <<< 企業
複合機関: hukugoukikan: compound engine <<< 機関
複合競技: hukugoukyougi: Nordic [Alpine] combined <<< 競技
複合名詞: hukugoumeishi: compound noun <<< 名詞
複合輸送: hukugouyusou: combined transportation <<< 輸送
複合レンズ: hukugourenzu: compound lens <<< レンズ
アルペン複合: arupenhukugou: Alpine combination <<< アルペン
ノルディック複合: noruJikkuhukugou: Nordic combination, Nordic combined <<< ノルディック


pronunciation: hukui
kanji characters: ,
keyword: japan
translation: Fukui (prefecture, city)
福井県: hukuiken: Prefecture of Fukui <<<
福井市: hukuishi: City of Fukui <<<
福井原発: hukuigenbatsu: Fukui Nuclear Power Plant <<< 原発
check also: Fukui

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