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pronunciation: hukujuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: job
translation: obedience, submission
服従する: hukujuusuru: obey, be obedient to, submit oneself to, yield to
服従させる: hukujuusaseru: bring to obedience
絶対服従: zettaihukujuu: absolute obedience <<< 絶対


pronunciation: hukumen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: crime
translation: mask, veil
覆面する: hukumensuru: wear a mask, veil oneself
覆面の: hukumennno: masked, in disguise
覆面作家: hukumensakka: anonymous writer <<< 作家
覆面強盗: hukumengoutou: masked robber <<< 強盗
覆面パトカー: hukumenpatokaa: unmarked police car <<< パトカー
check also: 仮面


pronunciation: hukumu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: job
translation: ((public) service, duties
服務する: hukumusuru: serve, be in (public) service
服務時間: hukumujikan: office [business] hours <<< 時間
服務規定: hukumukitei: service regulations <<< 規定
服務年限: hukumukinengen: term of service
synonyms: 勤務


pronunciation: hukuoka
kanji characters: ,
keyword: japan
translation: Fukuoka
福岡県: hukuokaken: Prefecture of Fukuoka <<<
福岡市: hukuokashi: City of Fukuoka <<<
福岡港: hukuokakou: Fukuoka Harbor <<<
福岡空港: hukuokakuukou: Fukuoka Airport <<< 空港
check also: Fukuoka


pronunciation: hukurahagi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: body
translation: calf


pronunciation: hukusei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: art , crime
translation: reproduction, duplication
複製する: hukuseisuru: reproduce, reprint, duplicate (v.)
複製品: hukuseihin: reproduction, replica, duplicate (n.) <<<
複製物: hukuseibutsu <<<
複製画: hukuseiga: reproduced picture <<<
check also: 複写


pronunciation: hukusha
kanji characters: ,
keyword: office
translation: copy (n.), duplication, reproduction
複写する: hukushasuru: copy (v.), duplicate, reproduce, facsimile
複写機: hukushaki: copier, duplicator, mimeograph <<<
複写器: hukushaki <<<
複写用: hukushayou: for copying <<<
複写用インキ: hukushayouinki: copy ink
複写用紙: hukushayoushi: carbon paper, copy paper <<< 用紙
複写紙: hukushashi <<<
複写物: hukushabutsu: reproduction, reprint <<<
複写写真: hukushashashin: photostat <<< 写真
synonyms: コピー , 模写
check also: 複製


pronunciation: hukushi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: society
translation: welfare, well-being
福祉国家: hukushikokka: welfare state <<< 国家
福祉事業: hukushijigyou: welfare work <<< 事業
福祉事業所: hukushijigyousho: public welfare office <<<
福祉施設: hukushishisetsu <<< 施設
福祉政策: hukushiseisaku: welfare politics <<< 政策
老人福祉: roujinhukushi: welfare for the aged <<< 老人
児童福祉: jidouhukushi: child welfare <<< 児童
check also: 厚生


pronunciation: hukushi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: grammar
translation: adverb
副詞の: hukushino: adverbial
副詞的: hukushiteki <<<
副詞文: hukushibun: adverbial clause <<<
疑問副詞: gimonhukushi: interrogative adverb <<< 疑問
関係副詞: kankeihukushi: relative adverb <<< 関係


pronunciation: hukushima
kanji characters: ,
keyword: japan
translation: Fukushima (prefecture, city)
福島県: hukushimaken: Prefecture of Fukushima <<<
福島市: hukushimashi: City of Fukushima <<<
福島空港: hukushimakuukou: Fukushima Airport <<< 空港
福島原発: hukushimagenpatsu: Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant <<< 原発
福島第一原発: hukushimadaiichigenpatsu: Fukushima Number One Nuclear Power Plant
福島第一原発一号機: hukushimadaiichigenpatsuichigouki: first reactor of Fukushima Number One Nuclear Power Plant
福島浜通り: hukushimahamadoori: coastal part of Fukushima Prefecture
check also: Fukushima

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