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pronunciation: hutamata
kanji characters: ,
keyword: geography
translation: fork, bifurcation
二股の: hutamatano: forked, bifurcated
二股に分かれる: hutamataniwakareru: fork off into two branches, bifurcate (v.) <<<
二股を掛ける: hutamataokakeru: sit on the fence, play double, have two strings on one's bow <<<
二股道: hutamatamichi: cross-road <<<
二股膏薬: hutamatagouyaku: double-dealing, double-dealer, trimmer, fence-sitter
二股ソケット: hutamatasoketto: two way adapter [socket] <<< ソケット
synonyms: 分岐


pronunciation: hutan
kanji characters: ,
translation: burden (n.), responsibility, charge
負担する: hutansuru: bear, support, shoulder
負担を課する: hutannokasuru: burden (v.), charge, tax, impose a burden on <<<
負担を掛ける: hutannokakeru <<<
負担を軽くする: hutonnokarukusuru: lighten the burden <<<
負担額: hutangaku: one's share, allotment <<<
当方負担で: touhouhutande: at our own cost [risk] <<< 当方
費用を負担する: hiyouohutansuru: bear the expenses <<< 費用


pronunciation: hutari
kanji characters: ,
keyword: family
translation: two persons, couple, pair
二人で: hutaride: as a pair, à deux
二人で分ける: hutaridewakeru: divide (things) between two persons <<<
二人の間で: hutarinoaidade: between the two <<<
二人共: hutaritomo: both of them, either [neither] of the two <<<
二人連れ: hutariZure: party of two, married couple <<<
二人連れで: hutariZurede: (go) together [in a couple]
二人乗り: hutarinori: two-seater <<<
二人部屋: hutaribeya: double room, twin room <<< 部屋
check also: 両者


pronunciation: hutashika
kanji characters: ,
translation: uncertainty
不確かな: hutashikana: uncertain, indefinite, unreliable
不確かな記憶: hutashikanakioku: hazy memory <<< 記憶
check also: 曖昧


pronunciation: huteki
kanji characters: ,
translation: fearlessness, audaciousness, audacity
不敵な: hutekina: fearless, daring, dauntless, audacious
不敵な面構え: hutekinatsuragamae: defiant look
不敵な面魂: hutekinatsuradamashii
check also: 無敵


pronunciation: hutomomo
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 太腿
keyword: body
translation: thigh


pronunciation: huton
kanji characters: ,
keyword: furniture
translation: bedding, bedclothes, mattress, quilt, counterpane, cushion
布団を敷く: hutonnoshiku: make [lay] a bed <<<
布団を畳む: hutonnotatamu: fold up the bedding <<<
布団を上げる: hutonnoageru: put away the bedding <<<
布団を仕舞う: hutonnoshimau <<< 仕舞
布団を干す: hutonnohosu: dry the bedding <<<
布団を掛ける: hutonnokakeru: blanket (v.), cover with <<<
掛布団: kakebuton: quilt, coverlet, blanket (n.) <<< 毛布
敷布団: shikibuton: mattress <<< , マット
座布団: zabuton: cushion <<< , クッション
羽布団: hanebuton: feather quilt <<<
肉布団: nikubuton: concubine <<<
煎餅布団: senbeibuton: hard thin mattress [quilt] <<< 煎餅
羽毛布団: umouhuton: duvet; comforter <<< 羽毛


pronunciation: hutou
kanji characters: ,
translation: injustice
不当な: hutouna: unjust, unfair, unreasonable, unjustifiable, undue
不当な要求: hutounayoukyuu: excessive demand <<< 要求
不当な値段: hutounanedan: unreasonable price <<< 値段
不当な処置: hutounashochi: unfair dealing <<< 処置
不当に: hutouni: unjustly, unfairly, unreasonably
不当解雇: hutoukaiko: unfair dismissal <<< 解雇
不当表示: hutouhyouji: misrepresentation <<< 表示
不当利得: hutouritoku: undue profit, profiteering <<< 暴利
不当利益: hutourieki <<< 利益


pronunciation: hutsuka
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 2日
keyword: calendar
translation: two days, the second day
二日毎に: hutsukagotoni: every two days [other day] <<<
二日置きに: hutsukaokini: every third day [three days] <<<
二日目に: hutsukameni: on the second day <<< , 翌日
二日酔い: hutsukayoi: hangover <<<
二日酔いをする: hutsukayoiosuru: have [suffer from] a hangover
正味二日: shoumihutsuka: two full [clear] days <<< 正味


pronunciation: hutsuu
kanji characters: ,
translation: ordinariness
普通の: hutsuuno: ordinary, common, usual, general
普通に: hutsuuni: ordinarily, commonly, usually, generally
普通の人: hutsuunohito: man on the street, average man <<<
普通以上: hutsuuijou: above the average <<< 以上
普通以下: hutsuuika: below the average <<< 以下
普通名詞: hutsuumeishi: common noun <<< 名詞
普通選挙: hutsuusenkyo: general election <<< 選挙
普通教育: hutsuukyouiku: common [popular] education <<< 教育
普通列車: hutsuuressha: slow [accommodation] train <<< 列車
普通急行: hutsuukyuukou: ordinary express <<< 急行
普通郵便: hutsuuyuubin: ordinary mail [post] <<< 郵便
普通貯金: hutsuuchokin: current [check] account <<< 貯金
普通口座: hutsuukouza <<< 口座
check also: 平均 , 平凡 , 通常

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