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pronunciation: inai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: mathematics , calendar
translation: less [not more] than
以内の: inaino
以内に: inaini
指値以内で: sashineinaide: within the limits <<< 指値


pronunciation: inaka
kanji characters: ,
keyword: geography
translation: countryside, country (n.), province, one's home, birthplace
田舎の: inakano: rural, rustic, country (a.)
田舎に行く: inakaniiku: go to the country <<<
田舎に住む: inakanisumu: live in the country <<<
田舎住まい: inakazumai: country [rural] life
田舎育ちの: inakasodachino: country-bred <<<
田舎臭い: inakakusai: boorish, rustic (a.) <<<
田舎風: inakahuu: country-like, rustic (a.) <<<
田舎道: inakamichi: country road <<<
田舎弁: inakaben: provincial dialect, provincialism <<<
田舎訛: inakanamari
田舎言葉: inakakotoba <<< 言葉
田舎者: inakamono: countryman, rustic (n.), hoosier, hillbilly <<<
田舎娘: inakamusume: country girl <<<
田舎料理: inakaryouri: dish cooked in country fashion <<< 料理
田舎芝居: inakashibai: country theater <<< 芝居
check also: 地方 , 田園 , 故郷


pronunciation: inari
kanji characters: ,
keyword: religion , japanese food
translation: Japanese god of merchants
稲荷寿司: inarizushi: sushi stuffed into fried tofu <<< 寿司
check also: 雁擬き , Inari


pronunciation: inbou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: crime
translation: plot (n.), intrigue, conspiracy
陰謀を企てる: inbouokuwadateru: conspire, intrigue, plot (v.), hatch a plot <<<
陰謀家: inbouka: intriguer, conspirator, schemer <<< , 策士
陰謀に加わる: inbounikuwawaru: be implicated in a plot, participate in a plot <<<
陰謀を覆す: inbouokutsugaesu: thwart a conspiracy <<<
陰謀の裏をかく: inbounouraokaku <<<
陰謀を見破る: inbouomiyaburu: discover a conspiracy


pronunciation: inbu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: body , sex
translation: private [privy] parts, the secrets


pronunciation: inchou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: medicine
translation: director (of a hospital), president, principal
修道院長: shuudouinchou: abbot, abbess <<< 修道


pronunciation: inemuri
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 居睡
keyword: car
translation: nap (n.), doze
居眠する: inemurisuru: fall into a doze, take a nap, doze (v.), nap
居眠運転する: inemuriuntensuru: doze (off) at the wheel, drive (a car) asleep <<< 運転


pronunciation: inga
kanji characters: ,
keyword: buddhism
translation: cause and effect, fate, ill luck, misfortune, karma
因果な: ingana: unfortunate, unlucky, fatal
因果な子: inganako: unfortunate child <<<
因果な事には: inganakotoniha: as ill luck would have it, to make matters worse <<<
因果と諦める: ingatoakirameru: resign oneself to one's fate <<<
因果を含める: ingaohukumeru: persuade (a person) to accept the inevitable <<<
因果律: ingaritsu: law of cause and effect <<<
因果関係: ingakankei: casualty, casual relation <<< 関係
因果応報: ingaouhou: retribution, nemesis
check also: 運命 , 不運


pronunciation: ingen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: vegetable
translation: kidney beans, string beans
隠元豆: ingenmame <<<
白隠元: shiroingen: haricot beans <<<
莢隠元: sayaingen: French beans <<<
青隠元: aoingen: flageolets, dwarf kidney beans <<<


pronunciation: ingin
keyword: greeting
translation: politeness, civility, courteousness
慇懃な: inginnna: polite, civil, courteous
慇懃に: inginnni: politely, civilly, courteously
synonyms: 謙遜

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