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pronunciation: inryoku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: astronomy , physics
translation: gravitation, gravity, attraction
引力圏: inryokuken: sphere of gravitation <<<
check also: 重力


pronunciation: inryou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: drink
translation: drink
飲料に適した: inryounitekishita: drinkable <<<
飲料水: inryousui: drinking water <<<
保健飲料: hokenninryou: hygienic drink <<< 保健
アルコール飲料: arukooruinryou: alcoholic drinks <<< アルコール


pronunciation: insatsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: office , book
translation: printing
印刷する: insatsusuru: print
印刷の: insatsuno: typographic
印刷の誤り: insatsunoayamari: misprint <<<
印刷中の: insatsuchuuno: in the press <<<
印刷工: insatsukou: printer (person) <<<
印刷屋: insatsuya: printer (person), printing office <<<
印刷所: insatsusho: printing office, print shop <<<
印刷物: insatsubutsu: printer matter <<<
印刷術: insatsujutsu: art of printing, typography <<<
印刷費: insatsuhi: printing costs <<<
印刷機: insatsuki: printing press [machine] <<<
印刷機械: insatsukikai <<< 機械
印刷用紙: insatsuyoushi: printing paper <<< 用紙
印刷インキ: insatsuinki: printing ink


pronunciation: inseki
kanji characters:
keyword: astronomy
translation: meteorite
隕石学: insekigaku: astrolithology <<<
check also: 流星


pronunciation: insen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: market
translation: lower closing price than opening (in a candlestick chart)
antonyms: 陽線


pronunciation: inshi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: finance
translation: (revenue, excise) stamp
印紙を貼る: inshioharu: stick [put] a stamp (on), stamp (papers) <<<
印紙税: inshizei: stamp duty <<<
収入印紙: shuunyuuinshi: revenue stamp <<< 収入
check also: 切手


pronunciation: inshoku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: food , drink
translation: eating and drinking, meals and drinks, refreshing
飲食する: inshokusuru: eat and drink, refresh oneself
飲食店: inshokuten: restaurant <<<
飲食物: inshokubutsu: food and drink <<<
飲食代: inshokudai: cost of meals and drinks <<<
飲食税: inshokuzei: tax on eating and drinking (suppressed in 2000 in Japan) <<<


pronunciation: inshou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: art
translation: impression
印象を与える: inshouoataeru: give an impression <<<
印象付ける: inshouZukeru: impress <<<
印象的: inshouteki: impressive, unforgettable, memorable <<<
印象派: inshouha: impressionist school <<<
印象主義: inshoushugi: impressionism <<< 主義
印象主義者: inshoushugisha: impressionist <<<
第一印象: daiichiinshou: first impression <<< 第一
check also: 感想


pronunciation: inshu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: drink , car
translation: drinking (alcohol)
飲酒する: inshusuru: drink (alcohol)
飲酒癖: inshuguse: drinking habit <<<
飲酒家: inshuka: heavy drinker <<<
飲酒運転: inshuunten: drunk-driving <<< 運転
飲酒検査: inshukensa: breathalyzer test, breath test <<< 検査
飲酒テスト: inshutesuto <<< テスト
過度の飲酒: kadonoinshu: over-drink <<< 過度


pronunciation: intai
kanji characters: , 退
keyword: job
translation: retirement
引退する: intaisuru: retire (from), return to private life
引退した: intaishita: in retirement
check also: 退職

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