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pronunciation: inugami
kanji characters: ,
keyword: religion
translation: dog god


pronunciation: iou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: chemistry
translation: sulfur, sulphur
硫黄の: iouno: sulfurous
硫黄質の: ioushitsuno <<<
硫黄泉: iousen: sulfurous spring <<<
硫黄島: ioujima: Iwo Island, Iwo Jima <<<
硫黄島からの手紙: ioujimakaranodegami: Letters from Iwo Jima (US movie by Clint Eastwood, 2006) <<< 手紙
硫黄華: iouka: sublimed sulfur, flower of sulfur <<<
硫黄ガス: iougasu: sulfurous gas <<< ガス


pronunciation: ippai
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 1杯
keyword: drink , unit
translation: a cup, a glass, a drink, (the) whole, full, all
一杯やる: ippaiyaru: have a drink, have a shot
一杯の: ippaino: a cup of, a glass of, full of
一杯にする: ippainisuru: fill up
一杯に成る: ippaininaru: be filled up <<<
一杯飲ませる: ippainomaseru: give (a person) a drink <<<
一杯飲む: ippainomu: have a sip (of st.)
一杯食わせる: ippaikuwaseru: play a trick (on a person), take (a person) in <<<
一杯食わす: ippaikuwasu
一杯食う: ippaikuu: be taken in
一杯機嫌: ippaikigen: tipsy <<< 機嫌
一杯飲屋: ippainomiya: cheap bar
籠一杯: kagoippai: a basketful <<<
力一杯: chikaraippai: with all one's strength <<<
精一杯: seiippai <<<
もう一杯: mouippai: one more cup [glass, drink], already full, be full, have sufficient
今年一杯に: kotoshiippaini: before [by] the end of the year <<< 今年
御腹が一杯: onakagaippai: have a full stomach, have had enough to eat <<< 御腹
バケツ一杯: baketsuippai: a bucketful (of), pailful <<< バケツ
スプーン一杯: supuunnippai: spoonful <<< スプーン
カップ一杯: kappuippai: a cupful of, a cup of <<< カップ
バスケット一杯: basukettoippai: a basketful of <<< バスケット
コップ一杯: koppuippai: a glassful of, a glass of <<< コップ


pronunciation: ippan
kanji characters: ,
keyword: society
translation: generality
一般の: ippannno: general, universal, common
一般的: ippanteki <<<
一般に: ippannni: generally, universally, commonly
一般化: ippanka: generalization <<<
一般化する: ippankasuru: generalize
一般性: ippansei: generality, universality <<<
一般教育: ippankyouiku: general education <<< 教育
一般教養: ippankyouyou: common culture <<< 教養
一般教書: ippankyousho: State of Union
一般投票: ippantouhyou: popular vote <<< 投票
一般財源: ippanzaigen: source of general revenue
一般会計: ippankaikei: general account <<< 会計
一般価格: ippankakaku: common price <<< 価格
一般大衆: ippantaishuu: public at large, general public <<< 大衆
一般読者: ippandokusha: readers in general <<< 読者
check also: 全般


pronunciation: ippatsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: sport
translation: a shot, a pop, a punch
一発で: ippatsude: at a shot
一発打つ: ippatsuutsu: fire a shot (at) <<<
一発撃つ: ippatsuutsu <<<
一発食らわす: ippatsukurawasu: punch (v.) <<<
一発勝負: ippatsushoubu: one-shot match <<< 勝負


pronunciation: ippiki
kanji characters: ,
keyword: unit , animal
translation: one animal [bird, fish]
一匹狼: ippikiookami: lone wolf, maverick <<<
synonyms: 一頭


pronunciation: ippin
kanji characters: ,
keyword: food
translation: an article, a dish
一品料理: ippinryouri: one dish meal, dishes à la carte <<< 料理 , アラカルト
天下一品の: tenkaippinnno: unique, unequaled, unparalleled, peerless <<< 天下


pronunciation: ippo
kanji characters: ,
translation: one step
一歩進む: ipposusumu: take a step forward <<<
一歩退く: ipposhirizoku: take a step back <<< 退
一歩譲る: ippoyuzuru: yield a step <<<
一歩も譲らない: ippomoyuzuranai: do not yield an inch
一歩も引かない: ippomohikanai <<<
第一歩: daiippo: the first step <<<
一歩一歩: ippoippo: step by step, by degrees


pronunciation: ippon
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 1本
keyword: sport , unit
translation: one piece, one stick, one hair, one roll, one gain, one blow, one stroke
一本取る: ippontoru: gain one point <<<
一本取られる: ippontorareru: be reduced to the silence by interlocutor, be defeated [beaten]
一本足の: ipponnashino: one-legged <<<
一本立ち: ippondachi: independence <<<
一本立ちの: ippondachino: independent, self-supporting
一本立ちする: ippondachisuru: become independent, stand on one's own legs
一本道: ipponmichi: straight road <<<
一本橋: ipponbashi: bridge of one tree trunk, tree trunk bridge <<<
一本化: ipponka: unification <<<
一本松: ipponmatsu: solitary pine tree <<<
一本気: ippongi: decided, determined, resolute <<<
一本槍: ipponnyari: lance thrust, master stroke, total commitment [devotion] <<<
一本調子: ipponchoushi: monotony <<< 調子
一本調子の: ipponchoushino: monotonous
チョーク一本: chookuippon: a piece of chalk <<< チョーク
ビール一本: biiruippon: a bottle of beer <<< ビール


pronunciation: ippou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: transport
translation: on one hand, one side, one party, reversely, meanwhile
一方で: ippoude: on the other hand, while, meanwhile
一方的: ippouteki: unilateral <<<
一方的に: ippoutekini: unilaterally
一方通行: ippoutsuukou: one way (traffic) <<< 通行
一方行為: ippoukoui: unilateral act <<< 行為
check also: 片方

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