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pronunciation: ichigeki
kanji characters: ,
keyword: war , sport
translation: one blow
一撃で: ichigekide: at one blow
一撃の下に: ichigekinomotoni <<<
一撃を加える: ichigekiokuwaeru: strike a blow (at) <<<
強烈な一撃: kyouretsunaichigeki: crushing blow <<< 強烈


pronunciation: ichigou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: industry
translation: the first device [apparatus, machine, plane]
一号機: ichigouki <<<


pronunciation: ichii
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 1位
keyword: sport
translation: the first place
一位を占める: ichiioshimeru: be at the top (of), occupy the first place <<<
一位に位する: ichiinikuraisuru <<<
check also: 一番


pronunciation: ichiichi
kanji characters:
other spells: 一一
translation: one by one, each, separately, in every detail
一々調べる: ichiichishiraberu: examine one by one <<< 調
check also: 別々


pronunciation: ichiji
kanji characters: ,
keyword: mathematics
translation: primary, first, linear
一次の: ichijino
第一次: daiichiji <<<
第一次世界大戦: daiichijisekaitaisen: World War I <<< 大戦
一次産品: ichijisanpin: primary products
一次試験: ichijishiken: primary examination <<< 試験
一次選挙: ichijisenkyo: primary election <<< 選挙
一次回路: ichijikairo: primary circuit <<< 回路
一次電流: ichijidenryuu: primary current <<< 電流
一次方程式: ichijihouteishiki: equation of the first degree <<< 方程式


pronunciation: ichiji , hitotoki
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 1時
keyword: time
translation: once, one time, for a time [while], temporarily, one hour, one o'clock
一時の: ichijino: provisional, temporary, momentary, transient, of one o'clock
一時的: ichijiteki: provisional, temporary, momentary, transient <<<
一時的に: ichijitekini: provisionally, temporarily, momentarily
一時に: ichijini: at a time, at a stretch, at one o'clock
一時凌ぎ: ichijishinogi: makeshift, stopgap measure <<<
一時払い: ichijibarai: payment in a lump sum <<<
一時金: ichijikin: lump-sum allowance <<<
一時預り所: ichijiazukarisho: cloakroom, checkroom
一時預り証: ichijiazukarishou: claim check
一時解雇: ichijikaiko: layoff <<< 解雇
一時借入金: ichijishakunyuukin: floating debt
一時停止: ichijiteishi: moratorium <<< 停止 , モラトリアム


pronunciation: ichijiku
kanji characters: , ,
other spells: イチジク
keyword: fruit
translation: fig tree, fig


pronunciation: ichijou , hitosuji
kanji characters: ,
keyword: unit
translation: a line, a streak, a passage (of a document), an article (of a law)
一条の光: ichijounohikari, hitosujinohikari: a beam [ray, shaft, stream] of light <<<


pronunciation: ichijun
kanji characters: ,
translation: one round
一巡する: ichijunsuru: walk round, go [make] the one's round
テーブルを一巡する: teeburuoichijunsuru: go round the table (to talk, bet, add etc.) <<< テーブル
check also: 一周


pronunciation: ichimai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: unit
translation: one sheet, one leaf
一枚岩: ichimaiiwa: monolith <<<
一枚岩の団結: ichimaiiwanodanketsu: monolithic unity <<< 団結
一枚看板: ichimaikanban: the star, the prima donna, the main policy <<< 看板
紙一枚: kamiichimai: one sheet of paper <<<

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