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pronunciation: itamae
kanji characters: ,
keyword: gastronomy
translation: cook
synonyms: コック


pronunciation: itazura
kanji characters: ,
keyword: amusement
translation: mischief, practical joke, prank
悪戯な: itazurana: mischievous, naughtily, roguish
悪戯っぽい: itazurappoi
悪戯に: itazurani: for fun, for amusement, out of mischief
悪戯する: itazurasuru: play a trick [prank] (on), do mischief, play with, tamper with, molest (a woman)
悪戯書き: itazuragaki: graffiti, scribble (n.), scrawl, scrabble <<<
悪戯書きする: itazuragakisuru: scribble (v.), scrawl
悪戯着: itazuragi: rompers, play suit <<<
悪戯者: itazuramono: joker, wag, banterer, funster, jester, prankster <<<
悪戯っ子: itazurakko: rascal, scallywag, scalawag, urchin <<<
悪戯小僧: itazurakozou: mischievous [naughty] boy, urchin <<< 小僧
悪戯半分に: itazurahanbunnni: half in fun <<< 半分
悪戯電話: itazuradenwa: prank calls <<< 電話
運命の悪戯: unmeinoitazura: irony of destiny <<< 運命
synonyms: 冗談


pronunciation: itchi
kanji characters: ,
translation: agreement, coincidence, correspondence
一致する: itchisuru: agree, coincide, correspond
一致しない: itchishinai: disagree, differ
一致した: itchishita: agreed, unanimous
一致して: itchishite: in unison, unanimously
一致団結: itchidanketsu: solidarity, union <<< 団結
一致協力: itchikyouryoku: unite efforts with the same aim <<< 協力
不一致: huitchi: disagreement, discord, discrepancy, incompatibility <<<
偶然の一致: guuzennnoitchi: coincidence <<< 偶然
見解が一致する: kenkaigaitchisuru: agree to, pull together <<< 見解
全員一致: zenninnitchi: unanimity <<< 全員
全員一致の: zenninnitchino: unanimous <<< 全員
全員一致で: zenninnitchide: unanimously, with one voice <<< 全員
意見が一致する: ikengaitchisuru: be of the same opinion, agree (with a person about a matter) <<< 意見
世論の一致: yoronnnoitchi: consensus of public opinion <<< 世論


pronunciation: ite , shashu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: war
translation: marksman, rifleman, shooter
射手座: iteza: Archer, Sagittarius <<<


pronunciation: iten
kanji characters: ,
keyword: transport
translation: removal, transfer (n.)
移転する: itensuru: move (vi.), remove, transfer
移転させる: itensaseru: move (vt.), remove, transfer
移転先: itensaki: one's new address <<<
移転料: itenryou: compensation for removal <<<
移転日: itenbi: moving day <<<
移転支出: itenshishutsu: transfer payments <<< 支出
移転通知: itentsuuchi: removal notice <<< 通知
技術移転: gijutsuiten: technology transfer <<< 技術
海外移転: kaigaiiten: offshoring <<< 海外
check also: 引越 , 移動


pronunciation: ito
kanji characters: ,
translation: intention, intend, purpose, aim (n.)
意図する: itosuru: intend, aim at
意図的: itoteki: intentional, deliberate <<<
意図的に: itotekini: intentionally, deliberately


pronunciation: itosugi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: tree
translation: cypress


pronunciation: itsu , nanji
kanji characters: ,
keyword: time
translation: when, what time
何時も: itsumo: always, usually, habitually
何時でも: itsudemo: any time
何時だって: itsudatte
何時から: itsukara: from what time, since when, how long
何時か: itsuka: some time, some day, one of these days, once, at one time, before, the other day
何時に: nanjini: at what time
何時の間にか: itsunomanika: before one knows, unawares, unnoticed <<<
何時の間に: itsunomani
何時迄も: itsumademo: forever, permanently <<<
何時頃: itsugoro: about what time <<<
今何時ですか: imananjidesuka: What time is it? Have you got the time? <<<
大抵何時も: taiteiitsumo: almost always <<< 大抵


pronunciation: itsuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: disease
translation: stomachache, gastralgia
check also: 腹痛


pronunciation: itsuwa
kanji characters: ,
keyword: history , literature
translation: anecdote, episode
逸話的: itsuwateki: anecdotal <<<
逸話集: itsuwashuu: collection of anecdotes <<<
check also: エピゾード

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