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pronunciation: ichimoku , hitome
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 1目
keyword: unit , game
translation: a glance, a stone (of go game), a point
一目置く: ichimokuoku: yield the palm (to), rate a person superior to oneself <<<
一目瞭然: ichimokuryouzen: be clear at a glance
一目均衡表: ichimokukinkouhyou: Ichimoku Kinko Hyo (a financial chart)
一目散に: ichimokusannni: at full speed <<<
一目散に逃げる: ichimokusannninigeru: take to one's heels, run (away) for one's life <<<
一目で: hitomede: at a glance
一目で解る: hitomedewakaru: understand at a glance <<<
一目見る: hitomemiru: have a glimpse of, sneak a peek <<<
一目惚れ: hitomebore: love at first sight <<<
一目惚れする: hitomeboresuru: fall in love at first sight
check also: 囲碁


pronunciation: ichinen
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 1年
keyword: calendar
translation: a [one] year
一年毎に: ichinengotoni: year by [after] year, yearly <<<
一年置きに: ichinenokini: every other [second] year, biennially <<<
一年中: ichinenjuu: all the year round <<< , 年中
一年目: ichinenme: the first year <<<
一年生: ichinensei: first-year-grade boy [girl], freshman <<<
一年生植物: ichinenseishokubutsu: annual plant <<< 植物
一年草: ichinensou <<<
一年に一度: ichinennniichido: once a year <<< 一度


pronunciation: ichinichi , tsuitachi
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 1日
keyword: calendar
translation: a single day, one day, the whole day, all day long, the first day
一日で: ichinichide: in one day
一日置きに: ichinichiokini: every other day <<<
一日に付き: ichinichinitsuki: a day, in a day <<<
一日中: ichinichijuu: all day long <<<
一日一日と: ichinichiichinichito: day by [after] day, daily
一日の仕事: ichinichinoshigoto: day's work <<< 仕事
良い一日を: yoiichinichio: Have a nice day! <<<
十年一日: juunennichijitsu: without any change for long years <<< 十年
check also: 毎日


pronunciation: ichiou
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 一往
translation: once, first, for the present, generally
一応考えた上: ichioukangaetaue: after consideration
一応目を通す: ichioumeotoosu: run [look] through
今一応: imaichiou: once more <<<


pronunciation: ichiran
kanji characters: ,
keyword: book
translation: look (n.), glance, reading, summary, epitome
一覧する: ichiransuru: have a look (at), glance through
一覧表: ichiranhyou: list <<< , リスト
一覧後: ichirango: after sight <<<
一覧払い: ichiranbarai: payable at a sight <<<
一覧払い手形: ichiranbaraitegata: sight bill [draft], bill payable at a sight <<< 手形


pronunciation: ichiren
kanji characters: ,
translation: a ream, a series, a chain
一連の: ichirennno: a ream of, a series of, a chain of


pronunciation: ichirin
kanji characters: ,
keyword: flower , transport
translation: a (single) flower, a wheel
一輪の: ichirinnno: single-flowered, single-wheeled
一輪挿し: ichirinzashi: single-flower vase <<<
一輪車: ichirinsha: monocycle, unicycle, wheelbarrow <<<


pronunciation: ichiryuu
kanji characters: ,
translation: first class [order], uniqueness, peculiarity
一流の: ichiryuuno: of the first class [order], top-notch, unique, peculiar
一流校: ichiryuukou: prestigious school <<<
一流企業: ichiryuukigyou: first-rate [blue-ribbon] corporation <<< 企業
一流ブランド: ichiryuuburando: name brand <<< ブランド
check also: 一等


pronunciation: ichizu
kanji characters: ,
translation: intentness, blindness
一途な: ichizuna: serious, determined, resolute, intent, blind
一途に: ichizuni: with all one's heart, intently, blindly
一途に思い込む: ichizuniomoikomu: be possessed with the idea of [that]
synonyms: 真剣
check also: 盲目


pronunciation: ichou , ginnnan
kanji characters: ,
other spells: イチョウ
keyword: tree
translation: ginkgo, maidenhair tree, ginkgo nut

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