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pronunciation: ichou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: organs
translation: stomach and intestines
胃腸の: ichouno: gastrointestinal, digestive
胃腸が弱い: ichougayowai: have a weak digestion <<<
胃腸が強い: ichougatsuyoi: have a good digestion <<<
胃腸を壊す: ichouokowasu: have a stomach disorder <<<
胃腸病: ichoubyou: gastroenteric disorder, digestive ailment <<<
胃腸病学: ichoubyougaku: gastroenterology <<<
胃腸炎: ichouen: gastroenteritis <<<
胃腸カタル: ichoukataru <<< カタル
胃腸薬: ichouyaku: medicine for the stomach and bowels <<<
胃腸病院: ichoubyouin: hospital for the stomach and bowels <<< 病院
胃腸障害: ichoushougai: stomach [digestive] disorder <<< 障害


pronunciation: idai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: history
translation: greatness, mightiness
偉大な: idaina: great, mighty, grand
偉大な功績: idainakouseki: great merit


pronunciation: iden
kanji characters: ,
keyword: biology , medicine
translation: heredity, inheritance
遺伝の: idennno: hereditary, genetic
遺伝する: idensuru: be hereditary, be transmitted
遺伝に因って: idennniyotte: hereditarily <<<
遺伝質: idenshitsu: genetic property, idioplasma <<<
遺伝学: idengaku: genetics <<<
遺伝学者: idengakusha: geneticist <<< 学者
遺伝子: idenshi: gene <<<
遺伝子型: idenshigata: genotype <<<
遺伝子工学: idenshikougaku: genetic engineering <<< 工学
遺伝子操作: idenshisousa: gene manipulation <<< 操作
遺伝子銀行: idenshiginkou: gene bank <<< 銀行
遺伝病: idenbyou: hereditary disease <<<
遺伝情報: idenjouhou: genetic information <<< 情報
遺伝コード: idenkoodo: genetic code <<< コード


pronunciation: ido
kanji characters: ,
keyword: house
translation: well
井戸を掘る: idoohoru: dig [sink] a well <<<
井戸掘り: idohori: well digging, well digger
井戸を浚う: idoosarau: clean a well <<<
井戸浚い: idosarai: cleaning of a well
井戸水: idomizu: well water <<<
井戸水を汲む: idomizuokumu: draw water from a well <<<
井戸車: idoguruma: well wheel <<<
井戸端: idobata: well side <<<
井戸端会議: idobatakaigi: housewives' gossip, hen party (around well) <<< 会議
井戸ポンプ: idoponpu: well pump <<< ポンプ
油井戸: aburaido: oil well <<<


pronunciation: ido
kanji characters: ,
keyword: geography
translation: latitude, parallel
緯度の: idono: latitudinal
高緯度: kouido: high latitude <<<
低緯度: teiido: low latitude <<<
中緯度: chuuido: middle latitude <<<
antonyms: 経度


pronunciation: idokoro
kanji characters: ,
keyword: position
translation: one's address, one's whereabouts
居所を知らせる: idokorooshiraseru: give [indicate] one's address [whereabouts] <<<
synonyms: 住所 , 行方


pronunciation: idou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: transport
translation: movement, transfer (n.), travel (n.)
移動する: idousuru: move, transfer (vi.), travel
移動させる: idousaseru: transfer (vt.)
移動性: idouseino: mobility <<<
移動性の: idouseino: mobile
移動式: idoushiki <<<
移動棚: idoudana: mobile rack <<<
移動申告: idoushinkoku: report of one's removal <<< 申告
移動証明: idoushoumei: certificate of one's removal <<< 証明
移動大使: idoutaishi: roving ambassador <<< 大使
移動範囲: idouhanni: margin of displacement <<< 範囲
移動速度: idousokudo: traverse speed <<< 速度
移動展覧会: idoutenrankai: itinerant exhibition <<< 展覧会
移動起重機: idoukijuuki: traveling crane <<< 起重機
移動診療所: idoushinryousho: traveling clinic
移動図書館: idoutoshokan: traveling library, bookmobile
民族移動: minzokuidou: migration of peoples, mass migration <<< 民族
大陸移動: tairikuidou: continental drift <<< 大陸
check also: 移転 , 移送


pronunciation: ien
kanji characters: ,
keyword: disease
translation: gastritis


pronunciation: igaguri
kanji characters: ,
keyword: plant
translation: chestnut in burs
毬栗頭: igaguriatama: close-cropped head <<<


pronunciation: igai
kanji characters: ,
translation: except, but, besides, in addition to
以外の: igaino
以外に: igaini

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