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pronunciation: igai
kanji characters: ,
translation: unexpectedness
意外性: igaisei <<<
意外な: igaina: unexpected, surprising
意外な知らせ: igainashirase: unexpected [surprising] news <<<
意外な結果: igainakekka: unexpected result <<< 結果
意外な出来事: igainadekigoto: unlooked-for event, accident
意外に: igaini: unexpectedly, contrary to one's unexpectations
意外と: igaito
意外な事に: igainakotoni <<<
意外に早く: igainihayaku: earlier than expected <<<
意外に思う: igainiomou: be surprised (at, to hear that) <<<


pronunciation: igai
kanji characters:
other spells: イガイ
keyword: mollusk
translation: sea mussel
check also: 烏貝


pronunciation: igaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: medicine , education
translation: medicine, medical study
医学の: igakuno: medical
医学的: igakuteki <<<
医学書: igakusho: medical book <<<
医学校: igakkou: medical school <<<
医学部: igakubu: medical department <<<
医学生: igakusei: medical student, intern <<<
医学界: igakukai: medical world [circles] <<<
医学博士: igakuhakushi: Doctor of Medicine <<< 博士
獣医学: juuigaku: veterinary science <<<
法医学: houigaku: medical jurisprudence, forensic [legal] medicine <<<
基礎医学: kisoigaku: basic medicine <<< 基礎
東洋医学: touyouigaku: Chinese medicine <<< 東洋
予防医学: yobouigaku: preventive medicine <<< 予防
心身医学: shinshinnigaku: psychosomatic medicine <<< 心身


pronunciation: igan
kanji characters: ,
keyword: disease
translation: cancer of the stomach


pronunciation: igi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: law , politics
translation: objection, protest, dissent
異議が有る: igigaaru: have an objection <<<
異議が無い: igiganai: have no objection <<<
異議有り: igiari: Objection! <<<
異議無し: iginashi: No objection! <<<
異議無く: iginaku: without objection [dissent]
異議を唱える: igiotonaeru: object to, protest against, raise [make] an objection to, take exception to [against] <<<
異議を申立てる: igiomoushitateru <<< 申立
異議申立: igimoushitate: formal objection, exception
異議申立人: igimoushitatenin: demurrant
synonyms: 抗議
check also: 言分


pronunciation: igo
kanji characters: ,
keyword: calendar
translation: from now, in future, since then, after, afterward
check also: 以前 , 以降


pronunciation: igo
kanji characters: ,
keyword: game
translation: game of go
check also: Go


pronunciation: igusa
kanji characters: ,
other spells: イグサ
keyword: plant
translation: rush


pronunciation: ihan
kanji characters: ,
keyword: sport , crime
translation: violation, transgression, offense, breach, foulness
違反の: ihannno: violating, transgressing, offending, foul (a.)
違反する: ihansuru: violate, transgress, offend, foul (v.)
違反者: ihansha: offender <<<
法律に違反する: houritsuniihansuru: break [violate] the law <<< 法律
法律違反: houritsuihan: breach of the law <<< 法律
交通違反: koutsuuihan: traffic offense <<< 交通
中立違反: chuuritsuihan: violation [breach] of neutrality <<< 中立
規則違反: kisokuihan: infraction, malpractice <<< 規則
政令違反: seireiihan: violation of a government ordinance <<< 政令
選挙違反: senkyoihan: election fraud <<< 選挙
憲法違反: kenpouihan: violation of the constitution <<< 憲法
憲法違反の: kenpouihannno: unconstitutional <<< 憲法
契約違反: keiyakuihan: breach of contract <<< 契約
ルール違反: ruuruihan: rule offense <<< ルール
スピード違反: supiidoihan: violation of the speed regulations, speeding <<< スピード
check also: 違法


pronunciation: ihou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: law , crime
translation: illegality, unlawfulness
違法な: ihouna: illegal, unlawful, illegitimate, illicit
違法の: ihouno
違法性: ihousei: illegality, unlawfulness <<<
違法者: ihousha: offender <<<
違法建築: ihoukenchiku: illegal [unlawful] construction <<< 建築
違法行為: ihoukoui: illegal [unlawful] act, malfeasance <<< 行為
synonyms: 不法 , 不正 , 違反
antonyms: 合法

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