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pronunciation: ihu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: religion
translation: awe, fear, dread
神への畏怖: kamihenoihu: fear of God <<<


pronunciation: ihuku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: clothes
translation: clothes, clothing, garment, apparel
衣服の: ihukuno: of clothes [clothing]
衣服費: ihukuhi: clothing expenditure, expenditure on clothing <<<
衣服売場: ihukuuriba: clothing counter <<< 売場
check also: 衣類 , 衣料 , 着物 , アパレル


pronunciation: iibun
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 言い分
translation: something to say, one's claim, objection, complaint, opinion
言分を述べる: iibunnonoberu: say [have] one's say <<<
言分を通す: iibunnotoosu: carry one's point <<<
言分が有る: iibungaaru: have an objection, have something to complain <<<
言分が無い: iibunganai: have no objection, have nothing to complain <<<
言分の無い: iibunnnonai: impeccable, blameless, irreproachable
言分を聞く: iibunnokiku: hear what a person has to say, let a person expose his opinion <<<
check also: 異議 , 言訳


pronunciation: iimawashi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: grammar
translation: (a turn of) expression, diction, phraseology
言回しの上手い: iimawashinoumai: be articulate <<< 上手
言回しの拙い: iimawashinomazui: be inarticulate <<<
拙い言回し: mazuiiimawashi: clumsy expression
check also: 表現


pronunciation: iin
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics
translation: committee member
委員長: iinchou: chairman (of a committee) <<<
委員会: iinkai: committee, commission <<<
調査委員: chousaiin: investigation commissioner <<< 調査
創立委員: souritsuiin: organizing committee <<< 創立
接待委員: settaiiin: reception committee <<< 接待
政府委員: seihuiin: government delegate <<< 政府
交渉委員: koushouiin: (a member of) negotiation committee <<< 交渉
葬儀委員: sougiiin: funeral committee <<< 葬儀
公安委員: kouanniin: public safety commissioner <<< 公安
人民委員: jinminniin: People's Commissar <<< 人民
職場委員: shokubaiin: workshop steward <<< 職場
準備委員: junbiiin: member of arrangement [preparatory] committee <<< 準備
審査委員: shinsaiin: judge, examiner <<< 審査
実行委員: jikkouiin: a member of executive committee <<< 実行
執行委員: shikkouiin: executive committee man, business agent <<< 執行


pronunciation: iin
kanji characters: ,
keyword: medicine
translation: clinic
医院長: iinchou: head physician [surgeon] <<<
外科医院: gekaiin: surgery <<< 外科
歯科医院: shikaiin: dentist's office <<< 歯科
内科医院: naikaiin: clinic of internal medicine <<< 内科
check also: 病院


pronunciation: iiwake
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 言い訳
translation: explanation, excuse, plea, apology
言訳に: iiwakeni: as an excuse
言訳する: iiwakesuru: make an excuse [apology], excuse [explain] oneself
言訳を言う: iiwakeoiu <<<
言訳を考える: iiwakeokangaeru: cook up [think out] an excuse <<<
言訳が立たない: iiwakegatatanai: be inexcusable <<<
言訳の手紙: iiwakenotegami: letter of apology <<< 手紙
曖昧な言訳をする: aimainaiiwakeosuru: give a vague [an equivocal] explanation <<< 曖昧
check also: 弁解 , 申訳


pronunciation: iji
kanji characters: ,
keyword: technology
translation: maintenance, preservation, keeping
維持する: ijisuru: maintain, keep (v.), sustain
維持費: ijihi: maintenance cost <<<
維持者: ijisha: protector, supporter <<<
維持会員: ijikaiin: sustaining member <<< 会員
現状維持: genjouiji: maintain of a status quo <<< 現状
治安維持: chianniji: maintenance of public peace <<< 治安
価格を維持する: kakakuoijisuru: hold the price line <<< 価格
check also: 保守


pronunciation: iji
kanji characters: ,
translation: temper, disposition, perverseness, obstinacy, will, pride
意地の汚い: ijinokitanai: greedy <<<
意地悪: ijiwaru: nastiness, malice, maliciousness, viciousness <<<
意地悪な: ijiwaruna: ill-natured, cross, nasty, malicious, vicious
意地の悪い: ijinowarui
意地が悪い: ijigawarui: be ill-natured, have bad idea
意地悪く: ijiwaruku: ill-naturedly, unfortunately
意地っ張りの: ijipparino: obstinate, stubborn <<< , 頑固
意地が有る: ijigaaru: have a strong will, have backbone <<<
意地を通す: ijiotoosu: have one's will [one's own way] <<<
意地を張る: ijioharu: be [grow] obstinate [stubborn] <<<
意地に成る: ijininaru <<<
意地に成って: ijininatte: stubbornly, doggedly


pronunciation: ijin
kanji characters: ,
keyword: history
translation: great man, hero
偉人伝: ijinden: biography of great men <<<

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