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pronunciation: jissen
kanji characters: ,
translation: practice (n.)
実践する: jissensuru: practice (v.), put in [into] practice
実践に移す: jissennniutsusu <<<
実践的: jissenteki: practical <<<
実践主義: jissenshugi: activism <<< 主義
実践道徳: jissendoutoku: practical morality <<< 道徳
実践倫理学: jissenrinrigaku: practical ethics
synonyms: 実行 , 実施


pronunciation: jisshi
kanji characters: ,
translation: practice (n.)
実施する: jisshisuru: carry out, perform, practice (v.)
実施される: jisshisareru: be enforced, take effect, come into force [operation]
実施に成る: jisshininaru <<<
実施案: jisshian: working plan <<<
synonyms: 実行 , 実践


pronunciation: jisshuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: education
translation: practice (n.), exercise, training
実習する: jisshuusuru: practice (v.)
実習中: jisshuuchuu: in training <<<
実習生: jisshuusei: apprentice, trainee, intern <<<
実習時間: jisshuujikan: practice hours <<< 時間
臨海実習: rinkaijisshuu: marine practice <<< 臨海
synonyms: 訓練 , 修行


pronunciation: jita
kanji characters: ,
translation: oneself and others, subject and object
自他共に: jitatomonijitatomoni: commonly, universally, unanimously <<<
自他共に認める: jitatomonijitatomonimitomeru: be commonly acknowledged <<<
自他の関係: jitanokankei: relationship with others <<< 関係


pronunciation: jitai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: book
translation: font, form of a character, handwriting, type
check also: 活字 , 書体


pronunciation: jitai
kanji characters: ,
translation: in fact, originally, in itself
物自体: monojitai: the thing itself, thing-in-itself <<<
其自体: sorejitai: in itself <<<
check also: 自身


pronunciation: jitai
kanji characters: , 退
translation: declination, refusal
辞退する: jitaisuru: decline, refuse to accept


pronunciation: jitai
kanji characters: ,
translation: situation, state of affairs
事態を解決する: jitaiokaiketsusuru: solve the situation <<< 解決
非常事態: hijoujitai: emergency time, crisis, state of emergency <<< 非常
異常事態: ijoujitai: abnormal situation <<< 異常
容易ならぬ事態: youinaranujitai: serious [critical] situation <<< 容易
緊急事態: kinkyuujitai: state of emergency <<< 緊急


pronunciation: jitaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: house
translation: (one's) home
自宅で: jitakude: at home
自宅に居る: jitakuniiru: be at home, stay in <<<
自宅監禁: jitakukankin: house arrest <<< 監禁
自宅軟禁: jitakunankin
自宅訪問: jitakuhoumon: house visit <<< 訪問
自宅療法: jitakuryouhou: home treatment <<< 療法
synonyms: ホーム


pronunciation: jiten
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 事典
keyword: grammar , book
translation: dictionary, lexicon, glossary, thesaurus
辞典を引く: jitennohiku: look up in a dictionary, consult [refer to, look into] a dictionary <<<
発音辞典: hatsuonjiten: pronouncing dictionary <<< 発音
地名辞典: chimeijiten: geographical dictionary, gazetteer <<< 地名
図解辞典: zukaijiten: picture dictionary <<< 図解
人名辞典: jinmeijiten: biographical dictionary <<< 人名
ポケット辞典: pokettojiten: pocket dictionary <<< ポケット
synonyms: 辞書 , 字引

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