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pronunciation: jiyuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics , society
translation: freedom, liberty, disposal
自由な: jiyuuna: free, unrestricted, independent, liberal
自由に: jiyuuni: freely, unrestrictedly, as one's pleases [lines], at will, without restraint [reserve], with ease
自由にする: jiyuunisuru: free (v.), release (v.), liberate
自由港: jiyuukou: free port <<<
自由業: jiyuugyou: liberal profession <<<
自由型: jiyuugata: free style (swimming) <<<
自由化: jiyuuka: liberation (of trade), liberalization <<<
自由の女神: jiyuunomegami: Statue of Liberty <<< 女神
自由市民: jiyuushimin: free citizen <<< 市民
自由都市: jiyuutoshi: free city <<< 都市
自由主義: jiyuushugi: liberalism <<< 主義
自由貿易: jiyuuboueki: free trade <<< 貿易
自由投票: jiyuutouhyou: free vote <<< 投票
自由落下: jiyuurakka: free fall <<< 落下
自由市場: jiyuushijou: free [open] market <<< 市場
報道の自由: houdounojiyuu: freedom of press <<< 報道
選択の自由: sentakunojiyuu: freedom of choice <<< 選択
結社の自由: kesshanojiyuu: freedom of association <<< 結社
学園の自由: gakuennnojiyuu: academic freedom <<< 学園
言論の自由: genronnnojiyuu: freedom of speech <<< 言論
信仰の自由: shinkounojiyuu: religious liberty, freedom of religion [faith] <<< 信仰
synonyms: フリー


pronunciation: jizoku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: time
translation: continuation, continuance, maintenance
持続する: jizokusuru: continue, last (v.), maintain, keep up
持続的: jizokuteki: durable, lasting <<<
持続性: jizokusei: durability <<<
持続力: jizokuryoku: perseverance, tenacity, endurance <<<
持続期間: jizokukikan: duration <<< 期間


pronunciation: jizou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: buddhism
translation: Buddha-protector of children, Jizo
地蔵菩薩: jizoubosatsu
石地蔵: ishijizou: stone image of Jizo <<<
check also: Jizo


pronunciation: jobun
kanji characters: ,
keyword: book
translation: foreword, preface, preamble
序文を書く: jobunnokaku: write a preface <<<
synonyms: 前書 , 序文 , 前置


pronunciation: jochuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: house , job
translation: maidservant, housemaid, female servant
synonyms: メイド
antonyms: 下男


pronunciation: jogai
kanji characters: ,
translation: exclusion, exception, omission
除外する: jogaisuru: exclude, except, omit
除外例: jogairei: exceptional case, an exception <<<


pronunciation: jogen
kanji characters: ,
translation: advice, counsel (n.), admonition
助言する: jogensuru: advise, recommend, counsel (v.), admonish
助言を求める: jogennomotomeru: ask advice of (a person) <<<
助言を与える: jogennoataeru: give advice to (a person) <<<
助言に従う: jogennnishitagau: follow the advice of (a person) <<<
助言者: jogensha: adviser, counselor, mentor <<< , カウンセラー
synonyms: 忠告


pronunciation: jojoni
kanji characters:
other spells: 徐徐に
keyword: time
translation: slowly, gradually, little by little, by degrees


pronunciation: jojou
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 抒情
keyword: literature
translation: lyricism
叙情性: jojousei <<<
叙情的: jojouteki: lyric, lyrical <<<
叙情詩: jojoushi: lyric poem, lyric poetry <<<
叙情詩人: jojoushijin: lyric poet, lyricist <<< 詩人


pronunciation: jojutsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: literature
translation: description, narration
叙述的: jojutsuteki: descriptive, narrative <<<
叙述する: jojutsusuru: describe, narrate, depict, delineate

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