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pronunciation: joushu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: history
translation: lord of the castle
女城主: onnnajoushu: chatelaine, lady of the castle <<<


pronunciation: joushuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: crime
translation: habit, addiction
常習の: joushuuno: habitual
常習的に: joushuutekini: habitually, in the habit of <<<
常習犯: joushuuhan: habitual offender, confirmed criminal <<<
常習人: joushuunin <<<
synonyms: 習慣


pronunciation: joutai
kanji characters: ,
translation: condition, state, situation
財政状態: zaiseijoutai: financial conditions <<< 財政
静止状態: seishijoutai: idle condition (state), passive state <<< 静止
危篤状態: kitokujoutai: critical condition <<< 危篤
飽和状態: houwajoutai: saturated state <<< 飽和
絶体絶命の状態: zettaizetsumeinojoutai: desperate situation <<< 絶体絶命
異常状態: ijoujoutai: abnormal state <<< 異常
催眠状態: saiminjoutai: hypnotic state, hypnosis <<< 催眠
仮死状態: kashijoutai: asphyxia, syncope <<< 仮死
臨界状態: rinkaijoutai: critical state <<< 臨界
保健状態: hokenjoutai: health situation, state of health <<< 保健
交戦状態: kousenjoutai: state of war <<< 交戦
興奮状態: kouhunjoutai: excited state <<< 興奮
戦争状態: sensoujoutai: state of war <<< 戦争
極限状態: kyokugenjoutai: extreme situation <<< 極限
健康状態: kenkoujoutai: condition of one's health <<< 健康
衛生状態: eiseijoutai: sanitary conditions <<< 衛生
synonyms: 様子


pronunciation: joutatsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: education
translation: improvement, progress (n.)
上達する: joutatsusuru: improve, progress (v.)
上達が早い: joutatsugahayai: make rapid progress <<<
上達が遅い: joutatsugaosoi: make slow progress <<<


pronunciation: jouto
kanji characters: ,
keyword: finance
translation: transfer (n.), alienation, negotiation, assignment, conveyance, disposal
譲渡する: joutosuru: transfer (v.), alienate, negotiate
譲渡人: joutonin: transferor, assignor, grantor <<<
被譲渡人: hijoutonin: transferee, assignee <<<
譲渡出来る: joutodekiru: transferable, alienable, negotiable <<< 出来
譲渡出来ない: joutodekinai: non-transferable, untransferable, inalienable
譲渡価格: joutokakaku: transfer price <<< 価格
譲渡代価: joutodaika <<< 代価
譲渡所得: joutoshotoku: capital gains <<< 所得
譲渡証書: joutoshousho: deed of transfer <<< 証書
債権譲渡: saikenjouto: assignment of a claim <<< 債権
権利を譲渡する: kenriojoutosuru: transfer [hand over] the right <<< 権利
財産譲渡: zaisanjouto: conveyance of estate <<< 財産
生前譲渡: seizenjouto: advancement (of inheritance) <<< 生前


pronunciation: joutou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: advertisement
translation: superior quality, excellence
上等の: joutouno: good, fine, of superior quality, excellent
上等な: joutouna
上等品: joutouhin: article of superior quality <<<
上等席: joutouseki: first class seat <<<
上等兵: joutouhei: private first class <<< , 伍長
上等水兵: joutousuihei: seaman
synonyms: 上質
check also: 一等


pronunciation: jouyaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics , law
translation: treaty, agreement, pact, convention
条約を結ぶ: jouyakuomusubu: conclude a treaty <<<
条約を締結する: jouyakuoteiketsusuru <<< 締結
条約を破る: jouyakuoyaburu: break a treaty <<<
条約を守る: jouyakuomamoru: observe a treaty <<<
条約を犯す: jouyakuookasu: violate a treaty <<<
条約国: jouyakukoku: signatory state <<<
条約案: jouyakuan: treaty draft, protocol <<<
条約原案: jouyakugennan
条約批准: jouyakuhijun: ratification of a treaty
条約改正: jouyakukaisei: revision of a treaty, treaty revision <<< 改正
条約調印: jouyakuchouin: signing of a treaty <<< 調印
友好条約: yuukoujouyaku: treaty of friendship <<< 友好
平和条約: heiwajouyaku: peace treaty <<< 平和
安全保障条約: anzenhoshoujouyaku: security pact <<< 安全
休戦条約: kyuusenjouyaku: treaty of truce [armistice] <<< 休戦
同盟条約: doumeijouyaku: treaty of alliance <<< 同盟
秘密条約: himitsujouyaku: secret treaty <<< 秘密
神奈川条約: kanagawajouyaku: Kanagawa Treaty, Convention of Kanagawa <<< 神奈川
バーゼル条約: baazerujouyaku: Basel Convention <<< バーゼル
ワルシャワ条約: warushawajouyaku: Warsaw Treaty <<< ワルシャワ
ジュネーブ条約: juneebujouyaku: Geneva Conventions <<< ジュネーブ
リスボン条約: risubonjouyaku: Treaty of Lisbon <<< リスボン
ウィーン条約: wiinjouyaku: Treaty of Vienna <<< ウィーン
ベルダン条約: berudanjouyaku: Treaty of Verdun (843) <<< ベルダン
ユネスコ条約: yunesukojouyaku: UNESCO treaty <<< ユネスコ
ワシントン条約: washintonjouyaku: Washington Treaty <<< ワシントン
check also: 協定


pronunciation: jouyoku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: sex
translation: sensual [carnal, sexual] desire, lust
情欲の虜: jouyokunotoriko: slave of passion <<<
情欲の奴隷: jouyokunodorei <<< 奴隷
情欲を抑える: jouyokuoosaeru: control [restrain] one's sexual desires <<<
情欲を抑制する: jouyokuoyokuseisuru <<< 抑制
check also: 欲情 , 欲望


pronunciation: jouyou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: medicine , grammar
translation: ordinary use, habitual use, addiction, dependence
常用の: jouyouno: in ordinary use
常用する: jouyousuru: use regularly
常用者: jouyousha: habitual user, addict <<<
常用語: jouyougo: common words <<<
常用漢字: jouyoukanji: commonly used Chinese characters in Japan <<< 漢字
常用対数: jouyoutaisuu: common logarithms


pronunciation: jouzu
kanji characters: ,
translation: good hand, expert (in, at), skill, dexterity, proficiency, compliment
上手な: jouzuna: skillful, skilled, dexterous, expert (a.), adroit
上手に: jouzuni: skillfully, dexterously, well, ably
上手である: jouzudearu: be skillful (skilled, proficient),be good (clever) at
商売が上手い: shoubaigaumai: be of a business turn, have a commercial spirit <<< 商売
演技が上手い: engigaumai: be a good actor, perform well <<< 演技
演技が上手: engaigajouzu: be a good actor, perform well <<< 演技
着付が上手: kitsukegajouzu: dress oneself well <<< 着付
言回しの上手い: iimawashinoumai: be articulate <<< 言回し
裁縫が上手い: saihougaumai: be clever in sewing <<< 裁縫
synonyms: 器用
antonyms: 下手

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