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pronunciation: jushou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: show
translation: awarding
授賞する: jushousuru: award
授賞式: jushoushiki: awarding ceremony <<<
check also: 受賞


pronunciation: jushou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: show
translation: prize reception
受賞する: jushousuru: receive a prize
受賞者: jushousha: prize winner <<<
check also: 授賞


pronunciation: juso
kanji characters:
keyword: fantasy
translation: curse (n.), cussword
呪詛する: jusosuru: curse (v.)


pronunciation: jutsugo
kanji characters: ,
keyword: grammar
translation: predicate (of a sentence)
述語的: jutsugoteki: predicative <<<
述語的に: jutsugotekini: predicatively
antonyms: 主語


pronunciation: juuatsu
kanji characters: ,
translation: (high) pressure, stress, strain
重圧を加える: juuatsuokuwaeru: press hard, bring pressure to bear upon <<<
重圧感: juuatsukan: oppressive feeling <<<
synonyms: プレッシャー
check also: 圧力


pronunciation: juubun , juppun
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 充分
translation: full, enough (n.), sufficiency, ten minutes (juppun)
十分に: juubunnni: fully, enough (adv.), sufficiently, thoroughly
十分な: juubunnna: full, enough (a.), sufficient, ample
十分の一: juubunnnoichi: one-tenth <<<
十分条件: juubunjouken: sufficient condition <<< 条件
不十分: hujuubun: insufficiency, imperfectness, incompleteness, inadequateness, dissatisfaction <<<
不十分な: hujuubunnna: insufficient, imperfect, incomplete, inadequate, unsatisfactory
synonyms: 随分


pronunciation: juubyou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: disease
translation: critical illness, serious illness
重病の: juubyouno: critically ill, heavily ill
重病人: juubyounin: critically ill patient <<<
重病患者: juubyoukanja: serious case <<< 患者
synonyms: 重体
check also: 難病


pronunciation: juudai
kanji characters: ,
translation: seriousness, gravity, importance
重大性: juudaisei <<<
重大な: juudaina: serious, grave, important, weighty, momentous
重大な過ち: juudainaayamachi: gross mistake <<<
重大な過失: juudainakashitsu <<< 過失
重大な時期: juudainajiki: crucial moment <<< 時期
重大に成る: juudaininaru: become serious, aggravate <<<
重大化する: juudaikasuru <<<
重大視する: juudaishisuru: take (a matter) seriously, regard (a matter) as serious, attach great importance to <<<
重大事件: juudaijiken: serious affair [case] <<< 事件
重大声明: juudaiseimei: momentous announcement <<< 声明
重大責任: juudaiseikinin: grave responsibility <<< 責任
synonyms: 重要


pronunciation: juudan
kanji characters: ,
keyword: travel
translation: longitudinal [vertical] section, traverse (n.)
縦断する: juudansuru: cut [divide] vertically, run through (a country), traverse (v.)
縦断面: juudanmen: longitudinal [vertical] section <<<
antonyms: 横断


pronunciation: juuden
kanji characters: ,
keyword: electricity
translation: charge (n.), storage
充電する: juudensuru: charge (battery)
充電器: juudenki: charger <<< , チャージャー
電池を充電する: denchiojuudensuru: charge the battery <<< 電池
check also: 電池 , バッテリー

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