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pronunciation: jinji
kanji characters: ,
keyword: job
translation: human affairs, personnel affairs
人事院: jinjiin: National Personnel Authority <<<
人事課: jinjika: personnel section [office] <<<
人事部: jinjibu: personnel department [division], staff [human resources] department <<<
人事欄: jinjiran: personal column <<<
人事異動: jinjiidou: personnel changes
人事管理: jinjikanri: personnel management <<< 管理
人事行政: jinjigyousei: personnel administration <<< 行政
人事考課: jinjikouka: performance [merit] rating, personnel rating [evaluation]
人事部長: jinjibuchou: personnel director [manager] <<< 部長
人事問題: jinjimondai: personnel problem <<< 問題
人事相談所: jinjisoudansho: private affairs consultation office
人事を尽くして天命を待つ: jinjiotsukushitetenmeiomatsu: do one's best and leave the rest to Providence, man proposes and God disposes
人事不省: jinjihusei: syncope, syncopation <<< 気絶
人事不省に陥る: jinjihuseiniochiiru: fall senseless, lose consciousness, pass out, faint
天下り人事: amakudarijinji: highhanded personnel administration <<< 天下り


pronunciation: jinkaku
kanji characters: ,
translation: character, personality
人格化: jinkakuka: personification, impersonation <<<
人格化する: jinkakukasuru: personify, impersonate
人格者: jinkakusha: man of character <<<
人格権: jinkakuken: personality right <<<
人格を尊重する: jinkakuosonchousuru: respect a person's personality <<< 尊重
人格を無視する: jinkakuomushisuru: ignore a person's personality <<< 無視
人格を養成する: jinkakuoyouseisuru: build up one's character <<< 養成
人格を形成する: jinkakuokeiseisuru <<< 形成
二重人格: nijuujinkaku: dual personality <<< 二重
円満な人格: enmannnajinkaku: (man of) mellow character <<< 円満
synonyms: 性格


pronunciation: jinken
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics , law
translation: human rights
人権を守る: jinkennomamoru: defend human rights <<<
人権蹂躙: jinkenjuurin: infringement [outrage] upon human rights
人権侵害: jinkenshingai: breach [violation] of human rights <<< 侵害
人権保護: jinkenhogo: protection of human rights <<< 保護
人権問題: jinkenmondai: question of personal rights <<< 問題
人権宣言: jinkensengen: Declaration of the Rights of Man <<< 宣言


pronunciation: jinkou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: technology
translation: artificiality
人工の: jinkouno: artificial
人工的: jinkouteki <<<
人工呼吸: jinkoukokyuu: artificial respiration <<< 呼吸
人工栽培: jinkousaibai: artificial culture <<< 栽培
人工養殖: jinkouyoushoku: (artificial) breeding [cultivation] <<< 養殖
人工真珠: jinkoushinju: artificial [imitation] pearl <<< 真珠
人工栄養: jinkoueiyou: artificial nourishment <<< 栄養
人工頭脳: jinkouzunou: artificial intelligence, computer <<< 頭脳 , コンピューター
人工知能: jinkouchinou: artificial intelligence <<< 知能
人工衛星: jinkoueisei: (artificial) satellite <<< 衛星
人工受精: jinkoujusei: artificial insemination <<< 受精
人工受精児: jinkoujuseiji: test-tube baby <<<
人工心臓: jinkoushinzou: artificial heart <<< 心臓
人工腎臓: jinkoujinzou: artificial kidney <<< 腎臓
人工歯根: jinkoushikon: implant <<< 歯根 , インプラント
antonyms: 自然


pronunciation: jinkou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: geography , politics
translation: population
人口の: jinkouno: demographic, demographical
人口が多い: jinkougaooi: have a large population <<<
人口が少ない: jinkougasukunai: have a small population <<<
人口が増す: jinkougamasu: increase in population <<<
人口が減る: jinkougaheru: decrease [drop] in population <<<
人口過剰: jinkoukajou: overpopulation <<< 過剰
人口調査: jinkouchousa: head count, demography <<< 調査
人口密度: jinkoumitsudo: population density <<< 密度
人口政策: jinkouseisaku: demographic [population] policy <<< 政策
人口統計: jinkoutoukei: population statistics, demography <<< 統計
人口統計学: jinkoutoukeigaku <<<
人口統計学者: jinkoutoukeigakusha: demographer <<< 学者
人口問題: jinkoumondai: demographic problem <<< 問題
過剰人口: kajoujinkou: surplus population <<< 過剰
就業人口: shuugyoujinkou: work force <<< 就業
稼働人口: kadoujinkou: man power <<< 稼働
農業人口: nougyoujinkou: farming population <<< 農業
幽霊人口: yuureijinkou: ghost [bogus] population <<< 幽霊


pronunciation: jinmashin
kanji characters: ,
keyword: disease
translation: hives, nettle rash, urticaria
蕁麻疹に罹る: jinmashinnnikakaru: get hives [nettle rash] <<<
蕁麻疹熱: jinmashinnnetsu: urticaria <<<


pronunciation: jinmei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: name
translation: name of a person
人名簿: jinmeibo: list of names, directory <<< 簿
人名録: jinmeiroku: Who's Who <<<
人名辞典: jinmeijiten: biographical dictionary <<< 辞典


pronunciation: jinmin
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics
translation: people, public (n.)
人民の: jinminnno: popular, people's
人民委員: jinminniin: People's Commissar <<< 委員
人民公社: jinminkousha: people's commune
人民政府: jinminseihu: people's government <<< 政府
人民戦線: jinminsensen: people's [popular] front <<< 戦線
人民投票: jinmintouhyou: plebiscite, referendum <<< 投票
人民裁判: jinminsaiban: people's court <<< 裁判
人民管理: jinminkanri: control of the population <<< 管理
人民警察: jinminkeisatsu: People's Police <<< 警察
人民共和国: jinminkyouwakoku: people's republic
人民解放軍: jinminkaihougun: people's liberation army


pronunciation: jinmon
kanji characters: ,
keyword: security
translation: interrogation, inquisition, questioning, examination
尋問する: jinmonsuru: interrogate, question, examine
尋問者: jinmonsha: examiner, inquisitor <<<
尋問書: jinmonsho: interrogatory (protocol) <<<
尋問調書: jinmonchousho <<< 調書
証人尋問: shouninjinmon: questioning of the witness <<< 証人
誘導尋問: yuudoujinmon: leading question, interrogation <<< 誘導
反対尋問: hantaijinmon: cross-examination <<< 反対


pronunciation: jinmyaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: society
translation: line of connections, personal relationships

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