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pronunciation: jinrui
kanji characters: ,
keyword: society
translation: human beings, human race, mankind
人類の: jinruino: human
人類愛: jinruiai: love of mankind <<<
人類史: jinruishi: history of man <<<
人類学: jinruigaku: anthropology <<<
人類学者: jinruigakusha: anthropologist <<< 学者
synonyms: 人間


pronunciation: jinsei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: life
translation: human life, career
人生の: jinseino: life (a.)
人生観: jinseikan: one's view of life <<<
人生哲学: jinseitetsugaku: philosophy of life <<< 哲学
人生行路: jinseikouro: course of life
人生記録: jinseikiroku: human document <<< 記録


pronunciation: jinshin
kanji characters: ,
translation: human being
人身売買: jinshinbaibai: human traffic, slave trade <<< 売買
人身事故: jinshinjiko: traffic accident involving a human life <<< 事故
人身攻撃: jinshinkougeki: personal attack <<< 攻撃
人身攻撃をする: jinshinkougekiosuru: make a personal attack on (a person), indulge in personalities, become personal


pronunciation: jinshu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: geography , politics
translation: race
人種の: jinshuno: racial, ethnic
人種上の: jinshujouno <<<
人種学: jinshugaku: ethnology <<<
人種学的: jinshugakuteki: ethnological <<<
人種学者: jinshugakusha: ethnologist <<< 学者
人種問題: jinshumondai: racial problem <<< 問題
人種差別: jinshusabetsu: segregation, racism, apartheid <<< 差別
人種差別主義: jinshusabetsushugi: segregationism, racism <<< 主義
人種差別主義者: jinshusabetsushugisha: segregationist, racist <<<
白色人種: hakushokujinshu: white race [people] <<< 白色
黒色人種: kokushokujinshu: black [colored] race <<< 黒色
黄色人種: oushokujinshu: yellow race <<< 黄色
アジア人種: ajiashinshu: Asian race <<< アジア


pronunciation: jinsoku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: transport
translation: swiftness, quickness, haste
迅速な: jinsokuna: swift, quick, hasty, rapid, spanking
迅速に: jinsokuni: swiftly, quickly, rapidly
synonyms: 高速 , 急速


pronunciation: jintai
kanji characters:
keyword: organs
translation: ligament
靭帯の: jintaino: ligament (a.)
靭帯性: jintaisei <<<
靭帯損傷: jintaisonshou: ligament rupture <<< 損傷
check also: 筋肉


pronunciation: jintai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: body
translation: human body
人体学: jintaigaku: sematology <<<
人体解剖: jintaikaibougaku: dissection of human body <<< 解剖
人体解剖学: jintaikaibougaku: human anatomy <<<
人体模型: jintaimokei: anatomical model of the human body <<< 模型
人体実験: jintaijikken: living-body test <<< 実験


pronunciation: jintsuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: medicine
translation: labor pains
陣痛を覚える: jintsuuooboeru: suffer throes (of childbed) <<<
陣痛で苦しむ: jintsuudekurushimu: labor with child, be in labor [travail] <<<
陣痛を起す: jintsuuookosu <<<


pronunciation: jinzai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: job
translation: man of ability (talent), talented man
人材を求める: jinzaiomotomeru: look out for talent <<<


pronunciation: jinzou
kanji characters:
keyword: organs
translation: kidney
腎臓の: jinzouno: renal
腎臓が悪い: jinzougawarui: have a kidney trouble <<<
腎臓炎: jinzouen: nephritis <<<
腎臓病: jinzoubyou: kidney disease <<<
腎臓移植: jinzouishoku: kidney transplant <<< 移植
腎臓結石: jinzoukesseki: renal calculus, kidney stone, nephrolithiasis <<< 結石
腎臓透析: jinzoutouseki: kidney dialysis <<< 透析
人工腎臓: jinkoujinzou: artificial kidney <<< 人工

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