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pronunciation: kokkoku , kokukoku
kanji characters:
keyword: time
translation: every moment [hour], moment by moment
刻々と: kokkokuto: from hour to hour
刻々と変化する: kokkokutohenkasuru: change every second <<< 変化


pronunciation: kokkyou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: geography , war
translation: frontier, (national) boarder, boundary
国境線: kokkyousen: boarder line <<<
国境紛争: kokkyouhunsou: boundary dispute
国境地帯: kokkyouchitai: border area <<< 地帯
国境警備: kokkyoukeibi: border guard <<< 警備
国境警備兵: kokkyoukeibihei: frontier-guard <<<
国境侵犯: kokkyoushinpan: border violation
国境画定: kokkyoukakutei: delimitation of frontier
check also: 境界


pronunciation: koko
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 此処
keyword: position
translation: here, this place
此所に: kokoni: here, in this place
此所から: kokokara: from here, from this place [point]
此所まで: kokomade: up to this place, thus [so] far, as far as here
此所らに: kokorani: hereabouts, about [around] here, in this neighborhood
此所いらに: kokoirani
此所の: kokono: local, of this place
此所彼所: kokokashiko: here and there, everywhere <<< 彼所
此所数日: kokosuujitsu: lately, recently <<< 数日 , 最近
彼所にも此所にも: asokonimokokonimo: here and there, everywhere <<< 彼所
其所此所に: sokokokoni: here and there <<< 其所
check also: 此方


pronunciation: kokochi
kanji characters: ,
translation: feeling, sensation, mood
心地良い: kokochiyoi: pleasant, soft, agreeable <<<
居心地: igokochi: comfort, amenity <<<
居心地良い: igokochiyoi: comfortable, at home <<<
居心地悪い: igokochiwarui: uncomfortable, ill at home <<<
夢心地: yumegokochi: ecstasy <<<
夢心地の: yumegokochino: rapt
夢心地で: yumegokochide: as if in a dream, in an ecstasy
synonyms: 気持


pronunciation: kokoku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: geography
translation: one's own country [land], one's home
故国の人: kokokunohito: compatriots, fellow countrymen <<<
synonyms: 故郷


pronunciation: kokoroZukai
kanji characters: ,
translation: consideration, care, anxiety, worry
心遣いする: kokoroZukaisuru: take into consideration, consider, take care of
check also: 配慮 , 心配


pronunciation: kokoromochi
kanji characters: ,
translation: feeling, sensation, mood, humor, frame of mind, a bit, a little, a trifle
心持の良い: kokoromochinoii, kokoromochinoyoi: pleasant, agreeable, comfortable <<<
心持の悪い: kokoromochinowarui: unpleasant, disagreeable, uncomfortable <<<
心持良く: kokoromochiyoku: willingly, benevolent <<<
心持小さく: kokoromochichiisaku: a bit smaller <<<
心持大きく: kokoromochiookiku: a bit bigger <<<
check also: 気持 , 心地


pronunciation: kokuban
kanji characters: ,
keyword: education
translation: blackboard, chalkboard
黒板を拭く: kokubannohuku: wipe the blackboard <<<
黒板拭き: kokubanhuki: eraser, wiper
check also: チョーク


pronunciation: kokubetsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: life
translation: leave-taking, separation
告別する: kokubetsusuru: say goodbye
告別の辞: kokubetsunoji: farewell address, valediction <<<
告別の宴: kokubetsunoutage: farewell banquet <<<
告別式: kokubetsushiki: farewell (funeral) service <<<


pronunciation: kokubyaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: color
translation: black and white, monochrome, right and wrong
黒白を付ける: kokubyakuotsukeru: discriminate between right and wrong, decide which is right <<<
黒白を争う: kokubyakuoarasou: contend as to which is right <<<
synonyms: 白黒
antonyms: カラー

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