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pronunciation: kokuritsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: administration
translation: national (a.), state
国立の: kokuritsuno
国立公園: kokuritsukouen: national park <<< 公園
国立銀行: kokuritsuginkou: national bank <<< 銀行
国立劇場: kokuritsugekijou: national theater <<< 劇場
国立大学: kokuritsudaigaku: national university <<< 大学
国立病院: kokuritsubyouin: national hospital <<< 病院


pronunciation: kokurui
kanji characters: ,
keyword: cereal
translation: cereals, grain, corn
synonyms: 穀物


pronunciation: kokuryuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: asia
translation: black dragon
黒竜江: kokuryuukou: Amur River, Heilong Jiang <<<
黒竜江省: kokuryuukoushou: Heilongjiang (a Chinese province) <<<
黒竜会: kokuryuukai: Black Dragon Society (an ancient Japanese nationalist party) <<<


pronunciation: kokusai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics , geography
translation: international (n.), cosmopolitan (n.)
国際の: kokusaino: international (a.), cosmopolitan (a.)
国際人: kokusaijin: cosmopolite, cosmopolitan (n.) <<<
国際法: kokusaihou: international law <<<
国際化: kokusaika: internationalization, globalization <<<
国際会議: kokusaikaigi: international conference <<< 会議
国際関係: kokusaikankei: international relationship <<< 関係
国際紛争: kokusaihunsou: international disputes
国際管理: kokusaikanri: international control <<< 管理
国際警察: kokusaikeisatsu: International Criminal Police Organization, Interpol <<< 警察
国際結婚: kokusaikekkon: international marriage <<< 結婚
国際電話: kokusaidenwa: international call <<< 電話
国際貿易: kokusaiboueki: international trade <<< 貿易
国際放送: kokusaihousou: international broadcasting <<< 放送
国際連盟: kokusairenmei: League of Nations <<< 連盟
国際連合: kokusairengou: United Nations <<< 連合 , 国連
check also: 海外 , 国外


pronunciation: kokusai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: market
translation: national debt [loan]
国債を買う: kokusaiokau: buy national bonds <<<
国債を募集する: kokusaioboshuusuru: raise a national loan <<< 募集
国債を発行する: kokusaiohakkousuru <<< 発行
国債を償還する: kokusaioshoukansuru: redeem a national loan <<< 償還
国債証券: kokusaishouken: national [loan, sovereign] bond <<< 証券
check also: 証券 , 社債


pronunciation: kokusan
kanji characters: ,
keyword: industry
translation: home production, home-made (products)
国産の: kokusannno: home-made, domestic
国産品: kokusanhin: domestic product <<<
国産車: kokusansha: home manufactured car <<<
国産メーカー: kokusanmeekaa: domestic manufacturer <<< メーカー


pronunciation: kokuseki
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics , geography
translation: nationality, citizenship
国籍を偽る: kokusekioitsuwaru: disguise one's nationality <<<
国籍法: kokusekihou: law of nationality, Nationality Act <<<
国籍剥奪: kokusekihakudatsu: revocation of citizenship
国籍放棄: kokusekihouki: renunciation of citizenship <<< 放棄
国籍取得: kokusekishutoku: acquisition of citizenship <<< 取得
国籍不明: kokusekihumei: unknown nationality <<< 不明
国籍証明書: kokusekishoumeisho: certificate of nationality
日本国籍: nihonkokuseki: Japanese nationality <<< 日本
二重国籍: nijuukokuseki: dual nationality <<< 二重


pronunciation: kokushi
kanji characters: , 使
translation: overwork (n.)
酷使する: kokushisuru: overwork (v.)


pronunciation: kokushoku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: color
translation: black (color), dark
黒色の: kokushokuno: black (a.)
黒色人種: kokushokujinshu: black [colored] race <<< 人種
黒色火薬: kokushokukayaku: black gunpowder <<< 火薬
check also: 黒人 , ブラック


pronunciation: kokuso
kanji characters: ,
keyword: justice
translation: complaint, accusation
告訴する: kokusosuru: file a complaint (against a person), accuse (a person of a crime), bring a charge [suit] (of a crime against a person), lodge a complaint (against)
告訴を取下げる: kokusootorisageru: withdraw [drop] a complaint
告訴状: kokusojou: letter of complaint <<<
告訴人: kokusonin: accuser, complainant, plaintiff <<<

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