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pronunciation: kaimaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: sport , show
translation: rising of the curtain, opening (of an event)
開幕する: kaimakusuru: open (an event), raise the curtain
開幕係: kaimakugakari: curtain raiser <<<
開幕試合: kaimakushiai: opening game <<< 試合
check also: 開催


pronunciation: kaimei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: name
translation: one's name change
改名する: kaimeisuru: change one's name


pronunciation: kaimen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: sea
translation: sea surface [level]


pronunciation: kaimen
kanji characters: , 綿
keyword: utensil , biology
translation: sponge
海綿質: kaimenshitsu: spongy, cancellous <<<
海綿状: kaimenjou <<<
海綿体: kaimentai: corpus cavernosum <<<
海綿組織: kaimensoshiki: spongy tissue <<< 組織
海綿動物: kaimendoubutsu: porifera <<< 動物
check also: スポンジ


pronunciation: kaimen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: chemistry
translation: interface
界面化学: kaimenkagaku: interface chemistry <<< 化学
界面張力: kaimenchouryoku: interfacial tension <<< 張力
界面活性剤: kaimenkasseizai: interfacial activator


pronunciation: kaimetsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: disaster
translation: complete destruction, annihilation
壊滅する: kaimetsusuru: be ruined, be completely destroyed, be annihilated
壊滅させる: kaimetsusaseru: ruin (v.), destroy completely, annihilate, blitz


pronunciation: kaimodoshi
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 買い戻し
keyword: business
translation: repurchase, short covering


pronunciation: kaimoku
kanji characters: ,
translation: entirely, utterly
皆目分からない: kaimokuwakaranai: I understand nothing, I don't understand at all <<<
皆目見当が付かない: kaimokukentougatsukanai: can't make it out at all
check also: 全然


pronunciation: kaimono
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 買い物
keyword: shop
translation: shopping, purchase (n.), buy (n.)
買物をする: kaimonoosuru: shop, purchase (v.), buy (v.)
買物に行く: kaimononiiku: go shopping (at), go marketing <<<
買物客: kaimonokyaku: shopper <<<
買物籠: kaimonokago: shopping basket <<<
買物袋: kaimonobukuro: shopping bag, carrier bag <<<
買物バッグ: kaimonobaggu <<< バッグ
check also: 買付け , ショッピング


pronunciation: kainushi
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 飼い主
keyword: pet
translation: pet owner
飼主の無い: kainushinonai: ownerless [homeless] (pet) <<<

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