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pronunciation: konnnan
kanji characters: ,
translation: difficulty, hardship, trouble
困難な: konnnannna: difficult, hard, distressing, troublesome, embarrassing
困難する: konnnansuru: find difficulty, find it difficult
困難と戦う: konnnantotatakau: struggle with [contend against] difficulties <<<
困難に陥る: konnnannniochiiru: fall into trouble, difficulty <<<
財政が困難: zaiseigakonnnan: badly off, in financial difficulties [trouble] <<< 財政
入手困難な: nyuushukonnnannna: difficult to obtain <<< 入手
呼吸困難: kokyuukonnnan: difficulty in breathing <<< 呼吸
check also: 苦難


pronunciation: konnnichi , kyou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: calendar , greeting
translation: today, nowadays, now
今日は: konnnichiwa, konnnichiwa: good-morning, good-afternoon, good-day, hello, hallo, hi, nowadays
今日は晴天なり: konnnichiwaseitennnari: The weather is fine today (phrase used for a microphone test) <<< 晴天
今日中に: konnnichijuuni, kyoujuuni: this very day <<<
来週の今日: raishuunokyou: this day next week <<< 来週
来月の今日: raigetsunokyou: this day next month <<< 来月
皆様今日は: minasamakonnnichiha: Hello everybody <<< 皆様
先週の今日: senshuunokyou: this day (last) week, one week ago today <<< 先週
来年の今日: rainennnokyou: this day next year <<< 来年
去年の今日: kyonennnokyou: today last year, one year ago today <<< 去年
check also: 現代 , 今晩


pronunciation: konnnyaku
keyword: vegetable
translation: konnyaku, koniak, konjak, paste made from konjak flour
蒟蒻玉: konnnyakudama: bulb of konjak <<<
蒟蒻版: konnnyakuban: hectograph <<<


pronunciation: konnnyuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: food
translation: mixture, intermixture, mingling
混入する: konnnyuusuru: mix (v.), intermix, mingle


pronunciation: konnya
kanji characters: ,
keyword: time
translation: tonight
去年の今夜: kyonennnokonnya: this evening last year <<< 去年
check also: 今晩 , 昨夜


pronunciation: konnyaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: life
translation: engagement, betrothal
婚約する: konnyakusuru: engage
婚約している: konnyakushiteiru: be engaged
婚約者: konnyakusha: fiancé, betrothed <<<
婚約指輪: konnyakuyubiwa: engagement ring <<< 指輪
check also: 結婚 , 縁談


pronunciation: konnyoku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: travel
translation: mixed bathing


pronunciation: konoe
kanji characters: ,
keyword: war
translation: Imperial Guard
近衛兵: konoehei: Imperial Guards (soldiers) <<<
近衛師団: konoeshidan: Imperial Guard Division <<< 師団
近衛連隊: konoerentai: Imperial Guard Regiment <<< 連隊
近衛将校: konoeshoukou: Guards officer <<< 将校


pronunciation: konoha
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 木の葉
keyword: plant
translation: leaf [leaves] of trees, foliage
木葉が落ちる: konohagaochiru: Leaves fall <<<


pronunciation: konomi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: fruit
translation: nut, berry, fruit
check also: 果実 , ナッツ

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