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pronunciation: konpeki
kanji characters: ,
keyword: color
translation: deep [dark] blue, azure
紺碧の空: konpekinosora: azure sky <<< , 青空
紺碧海岸: konpekikaigan: Côte d'Azur <<< 海岸
check also: , 瑠璃 , 濃紺


pronunciation: konpon
kanji characters: ,
translation: origin, source, root, cause, foundation, basis, ground
根本的: konponteki: fundamental, basic, thorough, radical, drastic <<<
根本的に: konpontekini: thoroughly, radically, drastically
根本を覆す: konponnokutsugaesu: overturn the foundations <<<
根本概念: konpongainen: basic concept, fundamental idea <<< 概念
根本原理: konpongenri: fundamental [primary] principle <<< 原理
根本問題: konponmondai: fundamental [primary] problem <<< 問題
check also: 基本


pronunciation: konpou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: transport
translation: packing, baling, wrapping
梱包する: konpousuru: pack (up), bale (up), wrap
梱包紙: konpoushi: wrapping [packing, kraft] paper <<<
梱包係: konpougakari: packer, baler, wrapper <<<
check also: 包装 , 荷造


pronunciation: konran
kanji characters: ,
translation: confusion, disturbance, disarray (n.), disorder, turmoil, chaos, mix
混乱する: konransuru: confuse, disturb
混乱した: konranshita: turbulent, disturbed, confused
混乱させる: konransaseru: disorganize, disarray (v.), unhinge, confound


pronunciation: konro
kanji characters: ,
other spells: コンロ
keyword: house
translation: portable cooking stove
ガス焜炉: gasukonro: gas range <<< ガス
check also: ストーブ


pronunciation: konseki
kanji characters:
keyword: history
translation: trace, mark, vestige, evidence
痕跡を留める: konsekiotodomeru: bear the marks of <<<
痕跡を残す: konsekionokosu <<<
痕跡を認める: konsekiomitomeru: find traces of <<<
synonyms: 名残


pronunciation: konshuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: calendar
translation: this week
今週中に: konshuuchuuni: in the course of this week, during [in] the week <<<
今週の金曜: konshuunokinnyou: this Friday <<< 金曜
今週の金曜に: konshuunokinnyouni: on this Friday
check also: 先週 , 来週


pronunciation: kontan
kanji characters: ,
translation: secret [underhand] design [scheme, intention], plot
check also: 悪意


pronunciation: konton
kanji characters:
keyword: religion
translation: chaos, confusion
混沌とした: kontontoshita: chaotic, confused
混沌としている: kontontoshiteiru: be in chaos (confusion, a chaotic condition)
check also: 混迷


pronunciation: konwaku
kanji characters: ,
translation: embarrassment, perplexity, dilemma, confusion
困惑する: konwakusuru: be embarrassed, be perplexed, be puzzled, be at a loss, be at one's wit's end, be in a fix, be in a dilemma
synonyms: 当惑

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