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pronunciation: kote
kanji characters: ,
keyword: body
translation: forearm, lower arm
check also: 大手


pronunciation: kotei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: finance
translation: stability, fixation, fastness, immobilization
固定の: koteino: fixed, stationary, permanent
固定する: koteisuru: settle, be fixed, fix, be locked, immobilize, fixate
固定給: koteikyuu: regular pay, fixed wages <<<
固定客: koteikyaku: established clientele <<<
固定票: koteihyou: solid votes, loyal votes <<<
固定概念: koteigainen: fixed idea, complex <<< 概念
固定金利: koteikinri: fixed interest rate <<< 金利
固定資本: koteishihon: fixed capital <<< 資本
固定資産: koteishisan: fixed property <<< 資産
固定資産税: koteishisanzei: fixed property tax <<<
固定電話: koteidenwa: fixed-line telephone, landline [fixed] phone <<< 電話
窒素固定: chissokotei: nitrogen fixation <<< 窒素


pronunciation: koten
kanji characters: ,
keyword: literature
translation: classics
古典の: kotennno: classic, classical
古典的: kotenteki <<<
古典劇: kotengeki: classical [classic] theater <<<
古典音楽: kotenongaku: classical [classic] music <<< 音楽
古典研究: kotenkenkyuu: classics, humanities <<< 研究
古典研究者: kotenkenkyuusha: classical scholar, classicist, humanist <<<
古典学者: kotengakusha <<< 学者
古典主義: kotenshugi: classicism <<< 主義
古典文学: kotenbungaku: classical [classic] literature <<< 文学
check also: クラシック


pronunciation: koten
kanji characters: ,
keyword: art
translation: exhibition of one's own works
個展を開く: kotennohiraku: hold one-man show <<<


pronunciation: kotoba
kanji characters: ,
keyword: grammar
translation: word, term, speech, language, wording, expression, diction, remark
言葉を交わす: kotobaokawasu: exchange words with, speak with <<<
言葉を返す: kotobaokaesu: answer, talk back <<<
言葉を飾る: kotobaokazaru: adorn one's speech <<<
言葉を濁す: kotobaonigosu: give a vague answer <<<
言葉を遮る: kotobaosaegiru: interrupt sb. <<<
言葉を信じる: kotobaoshinjiru: take sb.'s word for it, take sb. at his word <<<
言葉の多い: kotobanoooi: talkative, loquacious <<< , 御喋り
言葉の少ない: kotobanosukunai: taciturn, quiet, (man) of few words <<<
言葉静かに: kotobashizukani: in a calm tone <<<
言葉巧みに: kotobatakumini: with sweet words <<<
言葉汚く: kotobakitanaku: in revolting language <<<
合言葉: aikotoba: password, parole <<< , 暗号
話言葉: hanashikotoba: spoken language <<<
書言葉: kakikotoba: written language <<<
花言葉: hanakotoba: flower language <<<
最期の言葉: saigonokotoba: one's last [dying] words <<< 最期
感謝の言葉: kanshanokotoba: thankyou, thank-you note <<< 感謝
早口言葉: hayakuchikotoba: tongue twister <<< 早口
田舎言葉: inakakotoba: provincial dialect, provincialism <<< 田舎
率直な言葉: sotchokunakotoba: outspokenness <<< 率直
check also: 文句 , 言語


pronunciation: kotogara
kanji characters: ,
translation: matter, affair
synonyms: 事項 , 事件


pronunciation: kotori
kanji characters: ,
keyword: bird , pet
translation: small [little] bird
小鳥を飼う: kotoriokau: keep [breed] a bird <<<
小鳥屋: kotoriya: bird shop <<<


pronunciation: kotoshi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: calendar
translation: this year, the present [current] year
今年中は: kotoshichuuha: during this year <<<
今年中に: kotoshichuuni, kotoshijuuni: before [by] the end of the year
今年一杯に: kotoshiippaini <<< 一杯
今年の夏: kotoshinonatsu: this summer <<<
check also: 去年 , 来年


pronunciation: kotsuban
kanji characters: ,
keyword: organs
translation: pelvis
骨盤の: kotsubannno: pelvic
check also: 尾骨 , 仙骨


pronunciation: kotsumaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: organs
translation: periosteum
骨膜炎: kotsumakuen: periostitis <<<

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