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pronunciation: kouhou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: position , war
translation: rear (n.)
後方の: kouhouno: rear (a.), backward
後方に: kouhouni: backward, in the rear (of)
後方基地: kouhoukichi: rear base <<< 基地
後方勤務: kouhoukinmu: rear service <<< 勤務
後方部隊: kouhoubutai: troops in the rear, rearguard <<< 部隊
check also: 前方


pronunciation: kouhou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: advertisement
translation: publicity, public relations
広報課: kouhouka: public information section <<<
広報車: kouhousha: sound car [truck] <<<
広報機関: kouhoukikan: agency of public relations <<< 機関
check also: 公報 , 宣伝


pronunciation: kouhu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: administration
translation: delivery, grant (n.)
交付する: kouhusuru: deliver, grant (v.), issue
交付金: kouhukin: subsidy, grant <<<
交付者: kouhusha: deliverer <<<
無償交付: mushoukouhu: delivery without compensation <<< 無償


pronunciation: kouhu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: japan
translation: Kofu (city)
甲府市: kouhushi: City of Kofu <<<
甲府城: kouhujou: Kofu Castle <<<
甲府盆地: kouhubonchi: Kofu valley [basin] <<< 盆地
check also: 山梨 , Kofu


pronunciation: kouhuku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: life
translation: happiness
幸福な: kouhukuna: happy
幸福を祈る: kouhukuoinoru: wish a happiness <<<
check also: 幸運


pronunciation: kouhuku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: war
translation: surrender, capitulation, submission
降伏する: kouhukusuru: surrender, submit [yield, give in] (in), capitulate, lay down one's arms
降伏させる: kouhukusaseru: compel into submission, compel to submit [submission]
降伏旗: kouhukuki: flag of surrender, white flag <<<
降伏文書: kouhukubunsho: instrument of surrender <<< 文書


pronunciation: kouhun
kanji characters: ,
keyword: psychology
translation: excitement, excitation, agitation
興奮して: kouhunshite: nervously, agitatedly, excitedly
興奮する: kouhunsuru: be excited [stimulated], become hot [warm]
興奮させる: kouhunsaseru: excite, stimulate
興奮し易い: kouhunshiyasui: excitable, easily excited, passionate, nervous <<<
興奮を静める: kouhunnojizumeru: calm down one's excitement <<<
興奮が静まる: kouhungashizumaru: calm [quiet] down, calm oneself
興奮剤: kouhunzai: stimulant, pep pill <<<
興奮状態: kouhunjoutai: excited state <<< 状態
synonyms: エクスタシー


pronunciation: kouhyou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: advertisement
translation: favorable comment [criticism], popularity
好評を博する: kouhyouohakusuru: win [enjoy] popularity, gain popular [public] favor <<<
好評の: kouhyouno: popular, liked, favored, renowned
大好評の: daikouhyouno: very popular, well-liked <<<
check also: 人気


pronunciation: kouhyou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics
translation: publication, announcement
公表する: kouhyousuru: publish, announce
check also: 発表


pronunciation: koui
kanji characters: ,
keyword: clothes
translation: change of clothes
更衣する: kouisuru: change one's clothes
更衣室: kouishitsu: dressing [locker] room <<<
check also: 着替

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