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pronunciation: kouka
kanji characters: ,
keyword: chemistry , medicine
translation: hardening
硬化する: koukasuru: harden, become hard, stiffen
硬化症: koukashou: sclerosis <<<
硬化油: koukayu: hardened oil <<<
硬化ゴム: koukagomu: ebonite <<< ゴム
動脈硬化: doumyakukouka: arteriosclerosis, hardening of the arteries <<< 動脈
check also: 硬直


pronunciation: kouka
kanji characters: ,
keyword: medicine
translation: effect, result
効果的: koukateki: effective <<<
効果が有る: koukagaaru: bear result <<<
効果が無い: koukaganai: have no effect, come to no purpose, be of no good, be ineffective <<<
効果が早い: koukagahayai: be quick in effect <<<
音響効果: onkyoukouka: sound effects, acoustics, background <<< 音響
演出効果: enshutsukouka: stage effect <<< 演出
記憶効果: kiokukouka: memory effect <<< 記憶
舞台効果: butaikouka: scenic effect <<< 舞台
宣伝効果: sendenkouka: campaign effect <<< 宣伝
照明効果: shoumeikouka: lighting effects <<< 照明
温室効果: onshitsukouka: greenhouse effect <<< 温室
ドミノ効果: dominokouka: domino effect <<< ドミノ
トンネル効果: tonnnerukouka: tunnel effect, quantum tunneling <<< トンネル
ステレオ効果: sutereokouka: stereo effect <<< ステレオ
check also: 効力


pronunciation: kouka
kanji characters: ,
keyword: business
translation: high price, expensiveness
高価な: koukana: high priced, expensive
高価で買う: koukadekau: buy at a high price <<<
check also: 安価


pronunciation: kouka
kanji characters: ,
keyword: airplane
translation: descent, fall
降下する: koukasuru: go down
降下物: koukabutsu: (radioactive) fallout <<<
降下部隊: koukabutai: paratroops, paratroopers <<< 部隊
急降下: kyuukouka: nosedive, steep dive, swoop <<<


pronunciation: koukai
kanji characters: ,
translation: repentance, remorse, regret (n.), penitence
後悔する: koukaisuru: regret (v.), repent, be sorry, be regretful
後悔した: koukaishita: remorseful, repentant


pronunciation: koukai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: geography , sea
translation: high [open] seas
公海漁業: koukaigyogyou: high-sea fishery <<< 漁業


pronunciation: koukai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: asia , africa
translation: Red Sea


pronunciation: koukai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: asia
translation: Yellow Sea
黄海海戦: koukaikaisen: battle of the Yalu River, battle of the Yellow Sea <<< 海戦


pronunciation: koukai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: travel , ship
translation: navigation
航海する: koukaisuru: navigate
航海の: koukaino: nautical
航海中: koukaichuu: be on a voyage, be at sea <<<
航海に耐える: koukainitaeru: be seaworthy <<<
航海士: koukaishi: navigator, mate <<<
航海長: koukaichou: navigating officer <<<
航海術: koukaijutsu: art of navigation <<<
航海図: koukaizu: (navigation) chart <<<
航海地図: koukaichizu <<< 地図
航海日誌: koukainisshi: logbook
遠洋航海: ennyoukoukai: ocean voyage, long cruise <<< 遠洋
沿岸航海: engankoukai: coastal shipping <<< 沿岸
処女航海: shojokoukai: maiden voyage <<< 処女


pronunciation: koukai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: media
translation: exhibition, release (n.), opening
公開の: koukaino: open (a.), public
公開する: koukaisuru: exhibit, release (v.), open to the public
公開状: koukaijou: open letter <<<
公開入札: koukainyuusatsu: open bid <<< 入札
公開市場: koukaishijou: open market <<< 市場
公開論争: koukaironsou: public debate <<< 論争
公開討論: koukaitouron
公開講座: koukaikouza: extension lecture <<< 講座
公開講義: koukaikougi <<< 講義
公開講演: koukaikouen: public lecture <<< 講演
公開演説: koukaienzetsu: public speech <<< 演説
非公開の: hikoukaino: private, closed <<<
株式公開: kabushikikoukai: initial public offering, IPO <<< 株式

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