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pronunciation: kouki
kanji characters: ,
keyword: optics
translation: brilliance, brilliancy, glory
光輝有る: koukiaru: brilliant, splendid, glorious <<<
光輝を放つ: koukiohanatsu: glitter, shine brilliantly <<<
光輝を失う: koukioushinau: lose brilliancy <<<
synonyms: 名誉 , 栄誉


pronunciation: kouki
kanji characters: ,
keyword: train
translation: broad-gauge
広軌鉄道: koukitetsudou: broad-gauge railroad <<< 鉄道
antonyms: 狭軌


pronunciation: koukin
kanji characters: ,
keyword: drug
translation: antibacteria
抗菌性: koukinsei: antibacterial (a.) <<<
抗菌剤: koukinzai: antibacterial (n.) <<<


pronunciation: koukishin
kanji characters: , ,
keyword: amusement
translation: curiosity
好奇心から: koukishinkara: out of curiosity
好奇心に駆られて: koukishinnnikararete <<<
好奇心をそそる: koukishinnososoru: excite one's curiosity
好奇心を引く: koukishinnohiku: arouse one's curiosity <<<
好奇心の強い: koukishinnnotsuyoi: inquisitive, curious <<<
好奇心を満足させる: koukishinnomanzokusaseru: satisfy one's curiosity <<< 満足


pronunciation: koukogaku
kanji characters: , ,
keyword: history
translation: archeology
考古学の: koukogakuno: archeological
考古学者: koukogakusha: archeologist <<<


pronunciation: koukoku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: media , advertisement
translation: advertisement, ad, notice, announcement, publicity
広告する: koukokusuru: advertise, announce, publicize
広告を出す: koukokuodasu <<<
広告者: koukokusha: advertiser <<<
広告塔: koukokutou: poster column, ad pillar <<<
広告費: koukokuhi: outlay for advertisement <<<
広告料: koukokuryou: advertisement rate <<<
広告欄: koukokuran: advertisement column <<<
広告業: koukokugyou: advertising business <<<
広告業者: koukokugyousha: publicity [advertising] agent <<< 業者
広告代理店: koukokudairiten
広告放送: koukokuhousou: commercial broadcast <<< 放送
広告媒体: koukokubaitai: advertising material [medium] <<< 媒体
広告ビラ: koukokubira: bill, handbill, poster <<< ビラ
広告マン: koukokuman: adperson, crier
広告屋: koukokuya <<<
誇大広告: kodaikoukoku: exaggerated advertisement <<< 誇大
募集広告: boshuukoukoku: advertisements for recruiting <<< 募集
求職広告: kyuushokukoukoku: advertise for a situation, want ad <<< 求職
求人広告: kyuujinkoukoku: job advertisement, want ad <<< 求人
死亡広告: shiboukoukoku: announcement of death <<< 死亡
全面広告: zenmenkoukoku: full-page advertisement <<< 全面
新聞広告: shinpunkoukoku: newspaper advertisement <<< 新聞
スポット広告: supottokoukoku: spot commercial (on TV) <<< スポット
check also: 宣伝


pronunciation: koukou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: school
translation: senior high school
高校生: koukousei: senior high school student <<<
女子高校: joshikoukou: girl's high school <<< 女子
check also: 中学


pronunciation: koukou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: family
translation: filial duty, piety
孝行な: koukouna: dutiful, obedient
孝行する: koukousuru: be dutiful, obedient, devoted
孝行息子: koukoumusuko: dutiful son <<< 息子
親孝行: oyakoukou: filial duty, devotion to one's parents <<<
女房孝行の: nyouboukoukouno: doting, uxorious <<< 女房
antonyms: 不孝


pronunciation: koukuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: war , airplane
translation: aviation, flight, aeronautic
航空の: koukuuno: aeronautic (a.), aeronautical, aerial
航空隊: koukuutai: flying corps <<<
航空路: koukuuro: airline, airway <<<
航空券: koukuuken: plane ticket, air ticket <<<
航空機: koukuuki: air plane, aircraft <<<
航空便: koukuubin: air mail <<< 便
航空学: koukuugaku: aeronautics <<<
航空会社: koukuugaisha: airliner, airways <<< 会社
航空運賃: koukuuunchin: air fare <<< 運賃
航空写真: koukuushashin: aerial photograph <<< 写真
航空学校: koukuugakkou: aviation school <<< 学校
航空基地: koukuukichi: air base <<< 基地
航空母艦: koukuubokan: aircraft carrier <<< 母艦 , 空母
航空事故: koukuujiko: airplane accident <<< 事故
航空ショー: koukuushoo: air show <<< ショー
民間航空: minkankoukuu: civil aviation <<< 民間
スカンジナビア航空: sukanjinabiakoukuu: SAS (Scandinavian Airlines System) <<< スカンジナビア
check also: 飛行


pronunciation: koukyo
kanji characters: ,
keyword: japan
translation: (Japanese) imperial palace

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