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pronunciation: koukyou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: society
translation: public (n.)
公共の: koukyouno: public (a.), communal
公共心: koukyoushin: public spirit <<<
公共物: koukyoubutsu: public property [heritage] <<<
公共財産: koukyouzaisan <<< 財産
公共団体: koukyoudantai: public body [entity, organization] <<< 団体
公共衛生: koukyoueisei: public health <<< 衛生
公共施設: koukyoushisetsu: public institution <<< 施設
公共部門: koukyoubumon: public sector <<< 部門
公共事業: koukyoujigyou: public utility <<< 事業
公共生活: koukyouseikatsu: public life <<< 生活
synonyms: 公衆


pronunciation: koukyuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: business
translation: luxe, luxury, first class
高級の: koukyuuno: high-class, senior, deluxe, luxury
高級品: koukyuuhin: first-class [high-grade] article <<<
高級車: koukyuusha: deluxe car <<<
高級官吏: koukyuukanri: high-ranking officials, high functionaries <<< 官吏
高級将校: koukyuushoukou: senior officer <<< 将校
高級参謀: koukyuusanbou: senior staff officer <<< 参謀
高級船員: koukyuusennin: sea officer <<< 船員
高級ブランド: koukyuuburando: luxury brand <<< ブランド
高級セダン: koukyuusedan: luxury sedan <<< セダン
check also: 豪華 , デラックス


pronunciation: kouma
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 小馬, 仔馬
keyword: horse
translation: colt, foal, pony


pronunciation: kouman
kanji characters: ,
translation: pride, vainglory, self-conceit, haughtiness, arrogance
高慢な: koumannna: proud, vainglorious, conceited, haughty, arrogant
高慢ちきな: koumanchikina
高慢な顔をする: koumannnakaoosuru: look proud [big, haughty], give oneself airs <<<
高慢ぶる: koumanburu
高慢の鼻を挫く: koumannnohanaokujiku: humble (a person in his pride), crop a person's feathers
高慢の鼻を圧し折る: koumannnohanaoheshioru
check also: 傲慢 , 自惚れ


pronunciation: koumei
kanji characters: ,
translation: fairness, justice, impartiality
公明正大: koumeiseidai
公明な: koumeina: fair, open, just, impartial
公明正大な: koumeiseidaina
公明に: koumeini: fair and square, open and above board
公明正大に: koumeiseidaini
公明党: koumeitou: Komeito Party <<<
公明選挙: koumeisenkyo: clean election <<< 選挙
check also: Komeito


pronunciation: koumoku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: book
translation: head, heading, item, provision
項目別: koumokubetsu: per item <<<
項目に分ける: koumokuniwakeru: set out in items, itemize <<<
要求項目: youkyuukoumoku: request terms and conditions <<< 要求
check also: 事項 , アイテム


pronunciation: koumon
kanji characters:
keyword: body
translation: anus
肛門の: koumonnno: anal


pronunciation: koumori
other spells: コウモリ
keyword: animal , accessory
translation: bat, umbrella (of western style)
蝙蝠傘: koumorigasa: western style umbrella <<<
大蝙蝠: ookoumori: fruitbat, flying fox, megabat <<<


pronunciation: koumu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: job , politics
translation: official [public] business [duties]
公務で: koumude: on official business
公務上の: koumujouno: official (a.) <<<
公務を行う: koumuookonau: execute one's official duties <<<
公務員: koumuin: public official, civil servant <<<
公務員法: koumuinhou: public service law <<<
公務執行妨害: koumushikkoubougai: interference with a government official in the execution of his official duties <<< 妨害


pronunciation: koumyaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: geology
translation: vein of ore, mineral vein
鉱脈を探す: koumyakuosagasu: dig for ore <<<
金の鉱脈: kinnnokoumyaku: vein of gold <<<

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