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pronunciation: kounai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: body
translation: oral cavity
口内炎: kounaien: stomatitis <<<


pronunciation: kounai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: realty
translation: premises, property, site
構内で: kounaide: on the premises
構内禁煙: kounaikinnen: No smoking in the area <<< 禁煙
駅構内: ekikounai: train station area <<<
check also: サイト


pronunciation: kounai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: school
translation: school grounds
校内で: kounaide: in the school (grounds)
校内暴力: kounaibouryoku: violence in the classroom, student [school] violence <<< 暴力
校内放送: kounaihousou: school PA [public address] system <<< 放送
check also: キャンパス


pronunciation: kounai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: ship
translation: docks, harbour installations, port facilities
港内で: kounaide: inside the harbor, in the port
港内設備: kounaisetsubi: harbour facilities [installations] <<< 設備


pronunciation: kounenki
kanji characters: , ,
keyword: medicine
translation: change of (one's) life, menopause
更年期障害: kounenkishougai: climacteric disorders <<< 障害
check also: 生理


pronunciation: kounetsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: house
translation: light and heat
光熱費: kounetsuhi: light and fuel expenses <<<


pronunciation: kounetsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: medicine , physics
translation: high fever [temperature]
高熱に苦しむ: kounetsunikurushimu: suffer from a high fever <<<
高熱が出る: kounetsugaderu: be attacked by a high fever <<<
高熱に侵される: kounetsuniokasareru <<<


pronunciation: kounin
kanji characters: ,
keyword: sport , politics
translation: official recognition, authorization, public approval
公認の: kouninnno: authorized, official
公認する: kouninsuru: recognize officially, authorize, legalize
公認記録: kouninkiroku: official record <<< 記録
公認候補: kouninkouho: authorize candidate <<< 候補
公認候補者: kouninkouhosha <<<
公認会計士: kouninkaikeishi: chartered [certified] public accountant


pronunciation: kounou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: medicine
translation: effect, efficiency, potency, virtue
効能が有る: kounougaaru: efficacious, effectual, effective <<<
効能の無い: kounounonai: inefficacious, ineffective, useless <<<
効能書き: kounougaki: statement of virtues <<<
check also: 効用


pronunciation: kounyuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: business
translation: purchase (n.)
購入する: kounyuusuru: buy, purchase (v.)
購入者: kounyuusha: buyer, purchaser <<<
購入品: kounyuuhin: purchased article <<<
購入券: kounyuuken: purchasing coupon <<<
購入先: kounyuusaki: place of purchase <<<
購入価格: kounyuukakaku: purchase price <<< 価格
購入注文: kounyuuchuumon: purchase order <<< 注文
一括購入: ikkatsukounyuu: bulk buying <<< 一括
check also: 購買

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