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pronunciation: kouro
kanji characters: ,
keyword: ship , airplane
translation: (sea) route, course, passage
航路から外れる: kourokarahazureru: sheer away, yaw <<<
航路を変える: kourookaeru: change course, shift the helm <<<
航路標識: kourohyoushiki: beacon <<< 標識
航路浮標: kourohuhyou: fairway buoy
外国航路: gaikokukouro: foreign route <<< 外国
遠洋航路: ennyoukouro: ocean line <<< 遠洋
定期航路: teikikouro: regular line <<< 定期
沿岸航路: engankouro: coasting [coastal] line [route] <<< 沿岸
近海航路: kinkaikouro: coastal service [line] <<< 近海
check also: 経路 , ルート


pronunciation: kouryaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: war
translation: capture (n.), conquest
攻略する: kouryakusuru: capture (v.), carry, conquer
攻略本: kouryakubon: strategic guide (book) <<<
攻略不能: kouryakuhunou: invulnerable <<< 不能
synonyms: 攻撃


pronunciation: kouryo
kanji characters: ,
translation: consideration, reflection
考慮する: kouryosuru: consider, take into consideration, mind
考慮して: kouryoshite: in consideration of
考慮中: kouryochuu: not yet decided, still in the balance <<<
check also: 配慮 , 思考


pronunciation: kouryoku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: medicine
translation: effect, efficacy, virtue, validity
効力の有る: kouryokunoaru: effective, efficacious, valid, available <<<
効力の無い: kouryokunonai: ineffective, inefficacious, invalid <<<
効力を生じる: kouryokuoshoujiru: come into effect [force], become effective <<<
効力を失う: kouryokuoushinau: lose effect [validity] <<<
check also: 効果


pronunciation: kouryuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: electricity , politics
translation: alternative current, interchange (n.), exchange (n.)
交流する: kouryuusuru: interchange (v.), exchange (v.)
交流発電機: kouryuuhatsudenki: alternating-current dynamo, alternator
交流周波数: kouryuushuuhasuu: alternating-current frequency
文化交流: bunkakouryuu: cultural exchange <<< 文化
check also: 直流


pronunciation: kousa
kanji characters: ,
keyword: town
translation: intersection, crossing
交差する: kousasuru: cross (v.), intersect
交差した: kousashita: crossed
交差点: kousaten: crossing (point), intersection, junction <<<
水準交差: suijunkousa: contour crossing <<< 水準
平面交差: heimenkousa: grade crossing, level crossing <<< 平面
立体交差: rittaikousa: two-level crossing, grade separation <<< 立体


pronunciation: kousai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: body
translation: iris
虹彩炎: kousaien: iritis <<<
check also: 眼球


pronunciation: kousai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: family
translation: acquaintance, companionship, dealing, association
交際する: kousaisuru: acquaint, deal with, associate
交際の有る: kousainoaru <<<
交際が広い: kousaigahiroi: have large social connections, have a large circle of acquaintance <<<
交際が浅い: kousaigaasai: be not well acquainted <<<
交際を絶つ: kousaiotatsu: break off, sever connections <<<
交際費: kousaihi: social expenses <<<
交際家: kousaika: sociable person, social man [lady] <<<
交際範囲: kousaihanni: circle of acquaintance <<< 範囲
交際仲間: kousainakama: one's associates, one's group of friends <<< 仲間
援助交際: enjokousai: schoolgirls' concealed prostitution <<< 援助
check also: 付合


pronunciation: kousaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: industry , crime
translation: work, construction, handicraft
工作する: kousakusuru: work (v.), build, construct, juggle
工作品: kousakuhin: handicraft <<<
工作物: kousakubutsu: workpiece <<<
工作員: kousakuin: operative, spy <<<
工作船: kousakusen: repairing ship, spy ship <<<
工作場: kousakujou: workshop <<<
工作機械: kousakukikai: machine tool <<< 機械
破壊工作: hakaikousaku: sabotage, subversive activities <<< 破壊


pronunciation: kousaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: farming
translation: cultivation, culture, farming
耕作する: kousakusuru: cultivate, farm (v.)
耕作地: kousakuchi: cultivated land, farm (n.) <<<
耕作者: kousakusha: cultivator, farmer, planter <<<
耕作物: kousakubutsu: farm products <<<
synonyms: 農耕

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