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pronunciation: koushoku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: sex
translation: lust, sensuality, lewdness
好色な: koushokuna: lustful, sensual, lascivious, lewd
好色男: koushokuotoko: lewd [licentious] man, sensualist <<<
好色漢: koushokukan <<<
好色文学: koushokubungaku: erotic [pornographic] literature <<< 文学


pronunciation: koushou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: law
translation: authentication
公証する: koushousuru: attest, authenticate
公証料: koushouryou: notary fee <<<
公証人: koushounin: notary (public) <<<
公証人役場: koushouninnyakuba: notary office <<< 役場
公証役場: koushouyakuba
公証人の: koushouninnno: notarial <<<


pronunciation: koushou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics , business
translation: negotiation, bargaining, treaty, overture, relation, relationship
交渉する: koushousuru: negotiate, bargain, treat
交渉を持つ: koushouomotsu: have [make] a relationship with a person, have [establish] relations <<<
交渉を断つ: koushouotatsu: break off [discontinue] relations <<<
交渉中: koushouchuu: under negotiation <<<
交渉委員: koushouiin: (a member of) negotiation committee <<< 委員
交渉団体: koushoudantai: negotiating body <<< 団体
性交渉: seikoushou: sexual relation <<<
個別交渉: kobetsukoushou: separate negotiation <<< 個別
団体交渉: dantaikoushou: collective bargaining <<< 団体
和平交渉: waheikoushou: peace negotiations <<< 和平
予備交渉: yobikoushou: preliminary negotiations <<< 予備
直接交渉: chokusetsukoushou: direct negotiation <<< 直接
check also: 協議 , 関係


pronunciation: koushuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics , travel
translation: public (n.)
公衆の: koushuuno: public (a.)
公衆電話: koushuudenwa: public telephone, pay phone, call box <<< 電話
公衆便所: koushuubenjo: public lavatory, public convenience, comfort station <<< 便所
公衆浴場: koushuuyokujou: public bath <<< 浴場
公衆道徳: koushuudoutoku: public morality <<< 道徳
公衆衛生: koushuueisei: public health, hygiene <<< 衛生
check also: 公共


pronunciation: koushuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: education
translation: (short) course, lesson
講習を受ける: koushuuoukeru: take a course <<<
講習生: koushuusei: trainee, student <<<
講習会: koushuukai: workshop, seminar <<<
講習所: koushuujo: training school <<<
認定講習: ninteikoushuu: seminar [course of lecture] for qualifying <<< 認定
夏期講習: kakikoushuu: summer lecture class [course] <<< 夏期
短期講習: tankikoushuu: short-term course <<< 短期
check also: 研修 , ゼミ


pronunciation: kouso
kanji characters: ,
keyword: biology
translation: enzyme, ferment


pronunciation: kousoku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: crime
translation: restriction, arrest (n.)
拘束する: kousokusuru: restrain, hold, arrest (v.)
拘束力: kousokuryoku: binding force <<<
拘束時間: kousokujikan: portal-to-portal hours, actual working-hours <<< 時間


pronunciation: kousoku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: train , communication
translation: high speed
高速の: kousokuno: high-speed (a.), rapid
高速道路: kousokudouro: speedway, freeway, superhighway <<< 道路 , ハイウェー
高速鉄道: kousokutetsudou: high-speed railroad [railway] <<< 鉄道
高速列車: kousokuressha: high-speed train <<< 列車
高速輸送: kousokuyusou: high-speed transport <<< 輸送
高速撮影: kousokusatsuei: high-speed photography <<< 撮影
超高速: choukousoku: ultra high-speed <<<
check also: 迅速 , 急速 , 快速


pronunciation: kousoku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: astronomy
translation: velocity of light


pronunciation: kousui
kanji characters: ,
keyword: cosmetic
translation: perfume
香水を付ける: kousuiotsukeru: perfume (v.), scent, spray perfume <<<
香水吹き: kousuihuki: atomizer, scent spray, sprayer <<<
香水スプレー: kousuisupuree <<< スプレー
香水瓶: kousuibin: scent bottle <<<
香水業: kousuigyou: perfumery <<<
香水店: kousuiten: perfumer's shop, perfumer <<<
香水業者: kousuigyousha: perfumer <<< 業者
ラベンダー香水: rabendaakousui: lavender water <<< ラベンダー

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