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pronunciation: kouteieki
kanji characters: , ,
keyword: disease
translation: foot-and-mouth disease


pronunciation: koutetsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics
translation: dismissal, reshuffle (n.)
更迭する: koutetsusuru: dismiss, reshuffle (v.)
大更迭: daikoutetsu: complete reshuffle <<<
内閣更迭: naikakukoutetsu: ministerial (cabinet) change <<< 内閣
check also: 免職


pronunciation: koutetsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: material
translation: steel (n.)
鋼鉄の: koutetsuno: steel (a.), of steel
鋼鉄艦: koutetsukan: steel-clad warship <<<
鋼鉄車: koutetsusha: steel car <<<
鋼鉄板: koutetsuban: steel-plate <<<
鋼鉄製品: koutetsuseihin: steel work <<< 製品
check also: 鉄鋼 , スチール


pronunciation: koutou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: school , law
translation: high (n.), height, high level
高等の: koutouno: high (a.), advanced
高等科: koutouka: advance course <<<
高等教育: koutoukyouiku: high education <<< 教育
高等学校: koutougakkou: (senior) high school <<< 学校
高等動物: koutoudoubutsu: higher animal <<< 動物
高等裁判所: koutousaibansho: high court <<< 裁判所
高等弁務官: koutoubenmukan: high commissioner


pronunciation: koutou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: justice
translation: oral communication
口頭の: koutouno: oral, spoken, verbal
口頭で: koutoude: orally, verbally, by word of mouth
口頭弁論: koutoubenron: oral pleadings
口頭契約: koutoukeiyaku: verbal contract <<< 契約
口頭試問: koutoushimon: oral examination
口頭試験: koutoushiken <<< 試験


pronunciation: koutsuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: transport
translation: traffic, transport, communication
交通の便: koutsuunoben: facilities of transportation <<< 便
交通量: koutsuuryou: volume of traffic <<<
交通網: koutsuumou: traffic network <<<
交通路: koutsuuro: travelway, traffic route <<<
交通費: koutsuuhi: transportation expense, carfare <<<
交通機関: koutsuukikan: mean of transportation, traffic facilities <<< 機関
交通規則: koutsuukisoku: traffic regulations [rules] <<< 規則
交通渋滞: koutsuujuutai: traffic jam <<< 渋滞
交通安全: koutsuuanzen: road safety <<< 安全
交通事故: koutsuujiko: traffic accident <<< 事故
交通違反: koutsuuihan: traffic offense <<< 違反
交通標識: koutsuuhyoushiki: traffic sign <<< 標識
交通信号: koutsuushingou: traffic light <<< 信号
交通整理: koutsuuseiri: traffic control <<< 整理
交通巡査: koutsuujunsa: traffic policemen <<< 巡査
水上交通: suijoukoutsuu: water traffic <<< 水上
対面交通: taimenkoutsuu: facing traffic, cross [oncoming] traffic <<< 対面
海上交通: kaijoukoutsuu: maritime traffic <<< 海上
河川交通: kasenkoutsuu: river navigation <<< 河川
路面交通: romenkoutsuu: surface traffic <<< 路面
都市交通: toshikoutsuu: town traffic <<< 都市
道路交通: dourokoutsuu: road traffic <<< 道路
check also: 通行


pronunciation: kouu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: weather
translation: rainfall, rain
降雨季: kouuki: rainy season <<<
降雨図: kouuzu: rain chart [map] <<<
降雨量: kouuryou: rainfall quantity <<<


pronunciation: kouun
kanji characters: ,
keyword: life
translation: luck, fortune, prosperity
幸運な: kouunnna: lucky, fortunate
幸運にも: kouunnnimo: fortunately, luckily, by good luck
幸運を祈る: kouunnoinoru: wish good luck to someone <<<
幸運に恵まれる: kouunnnimegumareru: be lucky [fortunate] <<<
幸運を齎す: kouunnomotarasu: bring fortune [luck] <<<
幸運児: kouunji: fortune's favorite <<<
check also: 幸福 , ラッキー , 不運


pronunciation: kouyaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics
translation: public promise, commitment
公約する: kouyakusuru: pledge oneself publicly (to a matter, to do), commit
公約数: kouyakusuu: common measure [divisor] <<<
check also: 約束


pronunciation: kouyou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: medicine
translation: use, effect, virtue
効用な: kouyouna: useful, effective
効用が有る: kouyougaaru: be applicable, effective <<<
限界効用: genkaikouyou: marginal utility <<< 限界
check also: 有効 , 効能

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