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pronunciation: kumate
kanji characters: ,
keyword: plant
translation: (bamboo) rake (n.)
熊手で掻く: kumatedekaku: rake (v.) <<<


pronunciation: kumen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: life , finance
translation: contrivance
工面する: kumensuru: manage, contrive, raise money
工面が付く: kumengatsuku: have managed to <<<
工面が良い: kumengayoi: be well-off <<<
工面が悪い: kumengawarui: be badly off <<<


pronunciation: kumiai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: society , job
translation: association, union, corporation
組合の: kumiaino: syndicalist
組合を作る: kumiaiotsukuru: form [organize] an association [a union] <<<
組合員: kumiaiin: associate, member of an association, union member <<<
組合費: kumiaihi: union dues <<<
組合に加盟する: kumiainikameisuru: join an association <<< 加盟
組合に加入する: kumiainikanyuusuru <<< 加入
組合活動: kumiaikatsudou: union activities, syndicalism, unionism <<< 活動
組合運動: kumiaiundou <<< 運動
組合規約: kumiaikiyaku: articles of association, union constitution <<< 規約
組合契約: kumiaikeiyaku: contract of partnership <<< 契約
組合幹部: kumiaikanbu: union leader [official] <<< 幹部
組合銀行: kumiaiginkou: associated bank <<< 銀行
産業組合: sangyoukumiai: industrial association <<< 産業
購買組合: koubaikumiai: consumers' association, cooperative (society) <<< 購買
労働組合: roudoukumiai: labor union <<< 労働
共同組合: kyoudoukumiai: co-operative association [union], co-op <<< 共同
農業組合: nougyoukumiai: farmers' cooperative society <<< 農業
相互組合: sougokumiai: cooperative society <<< 相互
救済組合: kyuusaikumiai: relief [aid] organization <<< 救済
加盟組合: kameikumiai: affiliated union <<< 加盟
消費組合: shouhikumiai: co-operative society <<< 消費
共済組合: kyousaikumiai: mutual aid [benefit] association, friendly society, mutual insurance company <<< 共済
職員組合: shokuinkumiai: teachers' federation [union] <<< 職員
漁業組合: gyogyoukumiai: fishermen's union [association] <<< 漁業
教員組合: kyouinkumiai: teachers' union <<< 教員
信用組合: shinnyoukumiai: credit association [union] <<< 信用
住宅組合: juutakukumiai: housing cooperative <<< 住宅
販売組合: hanbaikumiai: guild <<< 販売


pronunciation: kumiawase
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 組み合わせ
keyword: sport
translation: combination, assortment, association, composition, matching pairing
組合せる: kumiawaseru: join [group] together, combine, assort, associate, compose
組合せが良い: kumiawasegaii: be well-matched <<<
組合せが悪い: kumiawasegawarui: be ill-matched <<<
色の組合せ: ironokumiawase: color combination <<<


pronunciation: kumichou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: crime
translation: leader (of an association), gang leader
check also: 組員


pronunciation: kumihimo
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 組み紐
translation: plaited cord, braid


pronunciation: kumiin
kanji characters: ,
keyword: crime
translation: member of an association, gangster
check also: 組長


pronunciation: kumin
kanji characters: ,
keyword: administration , town
translation: inhabitants of a ward
区民大会: kumintaikai: ward rally <<< 大会
check also: 住民 , 市民 , 町民


pronunciation: kumitate
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 組み立
keyword: furniture
translation: structure, construction, framework
組立てる: kumitateru: put [fit] (a machine) together
組立式の: kumitateshikino: fabricated, sectional <<<
組立図: kumitatezu: assembly drawing <<<
組立工: kumitatekou: assembler (person) <<<
組立工場: kumitatekoujou: assembly plant <<< 工場
組立住宅: kumitatejuutaku: prefabricated house, prefab <<< 住宅
組立家屋: kumitatekaoku <<< 家屋
組立本箱: kumitatehonbako: sectional bookcase <<< 本箱
組立椅子: kumitateisu: sectional chair <<< 椅子
synonyms: 構造 , キット


pronunciation: kumo
kanji characters:
other spells: クモ
keyword: insect
translation: spider
蜘蛛の糸: kumonoito: spider's thread <<<
蜘蛛の巣: kumonosu: spider's web [net], cobweb <<<
蜘蛛が巣を張る: kumogasuoharu: A spider spins its web
蜘蛛が巣を掛ける: kumogasuokakeru
蜘蛛の巣だらけの: kumonosudarakeno: cobwebby
蜘蛛の子を散らす様に逃げる: kumonokoochirasuyouninigeru: disperse [flee] in all directions
土蜘蛛: tsuchigumo: mygale [trapdoor] spider, tarantula <<<
毒蜘蛛: dokugumo: poisonous spider <<<

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