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pronunciation: kyokuchou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: job
translation: director of a bureau, chief of an office, postmaster
郵便局長: yuubinkyokuchou: postmaster <<< 郵便
check also: 部長


pronunciation: kyokugei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: show
translation: tricks, acrobatic feats
曲芸の: kyokugeino: acrobatic
曲芸する: kyokugeisuru: do [perform] stunts, juggle
曲芸師: kyokugeishi: acrobat <<<
曲芸飛行: kyokugeihikou: stunt flying <<< 飛行


pronunciation: kyokugen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: science
translation: limit, extremity
極限に達する: kyokugennnitassuru: reach the limit (of) <<<
極限を超える: kyokugennokoeru: go beyond bounds <<<
極限する: kyokugensuru: limit (v.), set limits to
極限値: kyokugenchi: limiting value <<<
極限状態: kyokugenjoutai: extreme situation <<< 状態
check also: 限界


pronunciation: kyokujitsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: weather
translation: morning sun, rising sun
旭日章: kyokujitsushou: Order of the Rising Sun <<<
旭日昇天の勢い: kyokujitsushoutennnoikioi: His star is in the ascendant
synonyms: 朝日


pronunciation: kyokumen
kanji characters: ,
translation: aspect [phase] of affairs, situation
局面が一変する: kyokumengaippensuru: take a new turn, enter upon a new phase
局面を打開する: kyokumennodakaisuru: break the deadlock
新局面: shinkyokumen: new conjuncture <<<
synonyms: 段階


pronunciation: kyokusen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: mathematics
translation: curve, curved line, sweep
曲線の: kyokusennno: curvilinear
曲線を描く: kyokusennoegaku: draw a curved line <<<
曲線美: kyokusenbi: beauty of curved lines <<<
水準曲線: suijunkyokusen: contour curve <<< 水準
平面曲線: heimenkyokusen: plane curve <<< 平面
下降曲線: kakoukyokusen: downward curve <<< 下降
分布曲線: bunpukyokusen: distribution curve <<< 分布
循環曲線: junkankyokusen: recurring curve <<< 循環
上昇曲線: joushoukyokusen: rising curve <<< 上昇
synonyms: カーブ
antonyms: 直線


pronunciation: kyokutou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: asia
translation: Far East
極東の: kyokutouno: Far Eastern
極東問題: kyokutoumondai: Far Eastern problems <<< 問題
極東ロシア: kyokutouroshia: Russian Far East <<< ロシア


pronunciation: kyonen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: calendar
translation: last year
去年に: kyonennni: in last year
去年の夏: kyonennnonatsu: last summer <<<
去年の今日: kyonennnokyou: today last year, one year ago today <<< 今日
去年の今夜: kyonennnokonnya: this evening last year <<< 今夜
去年の五月: kyonennnogogatsu: May last year <<< 五月
synonyms: 昨年
antonyms: 来年


pronunciation: kyori
kanji characters: ,
keyword: geography , sport
translation: distance (n.), separation
距離を置く: kyoriooku: maintain a distance <<<
距離を保つ: kyoriotamotsu <<<
距離が有る: kyorigaaru: be distant [far], there is a gap <<<
距離を測る: kyoriohakaru: measure [calculate] the distance <<<
距離計: kyorikei: rangefinder <<<
距離標: kyorihyou: milestone, distance post <<<
距離感: kyorikan: sense of distance <<<
短距離: tankyori: short distance (race) <<<
短距離競走: tankyorikyousou: short-distance race, sprint <<< 競走 , スプリント
近距離: kinkyori: short distance <<<
長距離: choukyori: long distance (race) <<<
長距離競走: choukyorikyousou: long-distance race, marathon race <<< 競走 , マラソン
長距離砲: choukyorihou: long-range gun <<<
長距離電話: choukyoridenwa: long-distance telephone [call], trunk-call <<< 電話
遠距離: enkyori: long [great] distance <<<
離陸距離: ririkukyori: takeoff distance <<< 離陸
焦点距離: shoutenkyori: focal distance <<< 焦点
直線距離: chokusenkyori: as the crow flies, in the line of the crow <<< 直線
走行距離: soukoukyori: distance traveled (by a car) <<< 走行
飛行距離: hikoukyori: flight distance <<< 飛行


pronunciation: kyoryuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: travel
translation: foreign [temporary] residence
居留する: kyoryuusuru: live [reside] (at, in)
居留地: kyoryuuchi: (foreign) settlement [concession] <<<
居留民: kyoryuumin: residents (at, in) <<<
居留外国人: kyoryuugaikokujin: foreign residents
synonyms: 滞在

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