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pronunciation: kaisou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: life
translation: retrospection, reminiscence, recollection, memories
回想する: kaisousuru: retrospect, reminisce, recollect, recall
回想録: kaisouroku: recollections, reminiscences, memoirs <<<
回想場面: kaisoubamen: retrospect sequence <<< 場面
check also: 思い出


pronunciation: kaisou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: transport
translation: transport (n.), forwarding
回送する: kaisousuru: transport (v.), send on, forward
回送中: kaisouchuu: in transit <<<
回送店: kaisouten: forwarding agency, express company <<<
回送車: kaisousha: out-of-service car [train] <<<
回送列車: kaisouressha: out-of-service train, train on a siding <<< 列車


pronunciation: kaisou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: construction
translation: remodeling, conversion, redecoration, refit (n.), renovation
改装する: kaisousuru: remodel, re-equip, re-decorate, convert into, refit (v.), renovate
check also: 改造


pronunciation: kaisui
kanji characters: ,
keyword: sea
translation: seawater, saltwater
海水浴: kaisuiyoku: sea bathing <<<
海水魚: kaisuigyo: saltwater fish <<<
海水着: kaisuigi: swimming [bathing] suit <<<
海水帽: kaisuibou: swimming [bathing] cap <<<
海水療法: kaisuiryouhou: sea water therapy, thalassotherapy <<< 療法
海水パンツ: kaisuipantsu: swimming trunks <<< パンツ
check also: 淡水


pronunciation: kaisuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: transport
translation: frequency, number of times, how many times
回数の多い: kaisuunoooi: frequent <<<
回数券: kaisuuken: commutation ticket, multiple ticket <<<
振動回数: shindoukaisuu: number of oscillations [vibrations], frequency <<< 振動


pronunciation: kaitai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: industry
translation: break-up, dismemberment, dissection
解体する: kaitaisuru: dismember, take (a thing) to pieces, break up, scrap, cannibalize, dissolve, dissect
解体して運ぶ: kaitaishitehakobu: convey (a machine) in parts <<<
解体屋: kaitaiya: cannibalizer, wrecker <<<
解体業者: kaitaigyousha <<< 業者
財閥解体: zaibatsukaitai: break-up of zaibatsu <<< 財閥
synonyms: 解剖


pronunciation: kaitaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: farming
translation: cultivation, reclamation (of wasteland), exploitation
開拓する: kaitakusuru: bring (land) under cultivation, reclaim (wasteland), exploit, colonize, develop
開拓地: kaitakuchi: reclaimed land <<<
未開拓地: mikaitakuchi: undeveloped land <<<
開拓者: kaitakusha: cultivator, pioneer, settler, initiator <<<
辺境開拓: henkyoukaitaku: frontier settlement <<< 辺境
check also: 植民 , 開発


pronunciation: kaitei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: law
translation: revision, change (n.), adjust
改定する: kaiteisuru: revise, change (v.), adjust
給与改定: kyuuyokaitei: pay [wage] increase <<< 給与
check also: 改訂


pronunciation: kaitei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: book
translation: revision
改訂する: kaiteisuru: revise
改訂版: kaiteiban: revised edition <<<
check also: 改定


pronunciation: kaitei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: sea
translation: sea bottom, sea bed, bottom of the sea
海底の: kaiteino: submarine, undersea
海底火山: kaiteikazan: submarine volcano <<< 火山
海底地震: kaiteijishin: submarine earthquake <<< 地震
海底油田: kaiteiyuden: submarine oil field <<< 油田
海底資源: kaiteishigen: sea-bottom resources <<< 資源
海底植物: kaiteishokubutsu: sea-bottom plants <<< 植物
海底電信: kaiteidenshin: submarine telegraph
海底電線: kaiteidensen: undersea cable <<< 電線
海底ケーブル: kaiteikeeburu <<< ケーブル
海底トンネル: kaiteitonnneru: underwater tunnel <<< トンネル

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